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    Student at nvcc now....and those who got in found out first. The ones who were waitlisted found out later that day I believe. I was waitlisted, and had nothing! I believe I found out later that day or the next day. They also don't tell you your waitlist number right away you have to wait for a letter in the mail. That didn't come until Monday so I cried allllll weekend. I didn't find out I got in until May! Then only had a month to do the requirements. They took up to 25 students off the waitlist at least, That I know of, maybe even higher don't give up!!!!!

  2. Hello, everyone! I applied to Capital, but my stats are quite low...so I am extremely nervous I won't be accepted :( I'm remaining cautiously optimistic though!!! Good luck to everyone!! :)

    A&P I: A-

    GPA: 3.73

    TEAS: 76%

    Those are great stats you'll get in!

  3. For the CastleBranch......it rejected one of my submissions because I apparently never got a Tdap so I need to get that. Still need the Hep B series, got one so far...and now it's saying that it accepted my first Varicella submission but now there's a second part to it, and I'm overdue...? I thought everything except Influenza was due 07/01. And I guess confirming having been infected with Varicella isn't good enough? I need titers or vaccinations done again....? This is going to get expensive....Oye.

    NVCC all due June 1st

  4. @nursetoBeeCT I know we have to register for it by June 1st but im referring to the deadline that the actual drug screen needs to be completed by. I'm not sure if they did tell you at NVCC that it does need to be registered for AND completed by June 1st but at gateway I asked my advisor that question and he said they would give us a sheet of paper after we registered by June 1st and then we had 3 days to take it from that date. He was very unspecific about the actual date we would be requested to take it saying "we aren't sure yet - could be sometime in May could be sometime in June".

    Oh I'm sorry for us we are doing everything through castlebranch and they provided us a cover sheet thy we brought to the lab that needed to be done by June 1st

  5. Got a doctor appointment this Thursday to get all my titers and stuff taken so I can start working on the Castle Branch stuff. For NCC it's due by July 1 I do believe. Have my BLS class Tuesday PM.

    I know this is off topic but is there anything else I can do to try to get around the appeal thing at school? I guess the director of financial aid is as high as I can go. I'm just amazed I couldn't even get a federal loan and now I'm being forced to either pay out of pocket or take out a private student loan.

    There's always someone above that person maybe try the dean or say NVCC said there is an appeal form I can apply for if I got into an allied health program. The dean maybe? I would fight it!

  6. does anyone know when when we have to complete the drug screening? I know we have to be registered for it by June 1st but don't know when we have to have it completed by...my advisor said they would let us know when we need to go take it but haven't heard anything yet. Anyone know anything about this??

    NVCC by June 1st

  7. Thanks to everyone who chimed in saying that schools have different due dates. I would be scrambling too! My insurance just kicked in, so I would be paying for everything OOP. Also I have read that some insurance carriers do not cover the cost of titers, has that happened to anybody? I am NOT interested with being re-vaxxed for something I am already immune to, but it found it ridiculous that the immunization would be covered and not the titer for some individuals. Will be calling insurance before I make the appt.

    Sorry for those of you having issues with titers etc...I am the queen of "if it can go wrong, it will" so I am CERTAIN I will be searching for docs, titer issues etc.

    yes start early on all your stuff. I am scrambling lol and no insurance covered my titers with no problems. I had quite a few bumps my cpr for being a cna at a hospital wasnt good enough it got denied. I just learned I need to have my tb done twice in two steps so placed then read and then placed and then read again...... I also had to go somewhere else for Dtap because my doctor didnt offer it. so give yourself time for it to get denied and be able to correct it.

  8. Castle Beanch has accepted everything from me. I'm just waiting on the results of my titers, which were drawn yesterday. I didn't eat the Hep B series u til a I was in high school and I never had a varicella vaccine (just the disease.. twice) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to do another series of vaccines.

    About how long did it take for you guys to get your results?

    mine was like two days

  9. Anyone having issues with the hep b titers? I had the immunization but the titers came back negative and Castle Branch says the next step will be to repeat the series then get additional titers drawn! That's months!! I'm freaking out i won't be able to start clinical!!

    You can show prove of starting the series and talk to the directors they are nice they will understand

  10. Hey, I have seen people saying there was a June 1 deadline for documents, but I am only seeing that date as a dealine for registering for classes..Am i missing something?

    I'm seeing this on my NCC bannerweb (docs for accepted students):

    Information regarding the registration process for nursing courses will be communicated via your

    College email. Your deadline for registering is June 1, 2017.

    Students are required to provide documentation of current Professional Level certification in

    CPR for adult, child, infant and AED by July 1, 2017. (Heart Saver is Not Acceptable)

    Certification can only be earned through the American Heart Association or the American Red

    Cross and must remain current throughout the program. More information about course

    offerings is included in these documents.

    All of our clinical partners have specific health requirements that you must comply with in order

    to attend clinical. Information about the requirements and the forms you will use are enclosed

    with these documents. All Health Assessment Forms must be completed by your Healthcare

    Provider and uploaded to Castle Branch by July 1, 2017.

    The class with th June 1st deadline is Naugatuck Valley Community College

  11. It's the skin test for tuberculosis that we all need for the clinical portion of the nursing program. For NVCC it's a two step meaning we need it done twice, I guess the first can be a false negative.

  12. Wait it's a two step?!?

    Yes so you have to go get it, have it read and then 1-3 weeks later get it again and have it read again. Castle Branch has the document you need to get filled out under the tuberculosis/ppd section.

  13. Where does it say that? On castle branch it just says one step and there was only space for one on the physical exam paperwork

    Under ppd in castle branch for NVCC it says it's a two step they even denied by paper work saying I have to submit the second one. Definitely a two step.

  14. Definitely anxious to get all this going.

    I have an unrelated question though. Because I've taken all my pre reqs (amongst many other classes over the years...)at NCC and I got accepted to NCC nursing, I have a max credit violation and I can't get any sort of federal aid including loans. Can anybody recommend a good place to take a small private loan out to cover tuition? I won't be able to work as many hours and I support myself.

    YES you can get financial aide if you reach max hours IF You are in an allied health program you have to file for an appeal and I was told they are always granted!!!!

    I reached max hours and waiting for my award package :) file your fafsa send it to your school go to financial aide and file an appeal good luck!


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