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  1. slr26

    Sharp New Grad Residency October 2017

    I got the email too for Med-Surg and PCU. I assumed it means I'm not moving forward at all in the application process but I guess I could be wrong since she specified the units! Sorry fellow new grad...never been rejected so many times in my life haha
  2. Thanks for all your responses!! I am single and frugal so it looks like I'll be able to make it work. Living with family isn't an option unfortunately (mom lives in senior community so I can only stay temporarily) but I've seen places in north Orange County that seem affordable
  3. Thank you for your helpful reply! Being a new grad, I'm uncertain what kind of hours to generally expect on a paycheck (like if 36 usually becomes 40 etc) and didn't calculate any overtime pay but I'm sure this differs by facility. Either way, 60k is more than I came up with!
  4. I'm a new grad (no job & still awaiting licensure by endorsement in CA) just looking for some more information on livable salary. I grew up in Southern CA but moved out of state 5 years ago for school; I recently returned to (hopefully) start my career here. When I left I was only 20 and still living with family so I don't have a great sense of a livable wage here although I do have a relatively solid grasp on rent/cost of living through research. With the job market being so competitive for new grads, I am willing to take just about any job for the first year. It is looking like one of my options may be a small hospital in Orange County that I have heard pats $30/hr. I have entered this wage into all kinds of online calculators but I would really love to hear from some real people! If your wage is $30/hr in CA and you work full time, what do you take home after taxes each month? Do you find it manageable to pay rent, bills, etc? I am single and have no children. If you make more or less, I'd still really love to hear your responses. Any information is super helpful as I try to gauge what I will be able to afford for rent and general expenses. Thank you in advance for responding and for all the helpful information on allnurses!!
  5. slr26

    Licensure by Endorsement 2017

    Did you ever get your license New2CAnurse? I applied for endorsement on May 24th and, same as you, completed my LiveScan and all of that in CA. I haven't quite hit 12 weeks yet but judging by the application period currently being processed (according to their website) it's going to be a long wait. Anyone else in the same boat? I hope you got your license and everything worked out for you!
  6. slr26

    Sharp New Grad Residency October 2017

    My online status says it was updated on July 6th which is the first change I've had since submitted the application. Although the actual status didn't change-it still says "Under Consideration." I don't think it means anything and I was actually surprised to see it updated at all. I didn't get any email though!
  7. slr26

    Sharp New Grad Residency October 2017

    No ER. It seemed specific to the Med-Surg/PCU rotation at Sharp Memorial so if you didn't apply for that one then it would make sense that you didn't get the email! It's still so early on in this application process, I don't think anyone should get discouraged (or too excited for that matter haha)
  8. slr26

    Sharp New Grad Residency October 2017

    Did anyone else just get that e-mail from the recruiter at Sharp Memorial?
  9. slr26

    UCSD New Grad 2017

    Got it. Thanks so much! This was a super helpful and thorough answer :)
  10. slr26

    UCSD New Grad 2017

    Hi! I hope someone on this thread can answer this. UCSD posted a new grad position in the PCU for their July program on 05/09 and I applied that day. My status hasn't changed from "Applications Recieved" which I know is not a good sign. But the job status still days "open" so I was wondering if people's statuses changed while applications were open or if they started to change after it closed? I hope someone can answer my question! I'm prepared for the worst but just want to manage my expectations and get information for future UCSD job apps. Thanks!!
  11. slr26

    NCLEX RN 2016 Advice

    Would you e-mail me the review as well? Please and thank you! Rogerssl@g.cofc.edu
  12. Mine also says under review as of 4/24. Eek. Good luck to everyone!
  13. For those whose status changed, do you already have your nursing license? I don't have mine yet so I'm hoping that's why my applications keep getting ignored haha but either way it's getting a little discouraging!
  14. slr26

    UCLA Summer 2017 RN New Grad Residency

    I went out of state for school and am in the process of returning home to CA after graduation too. It's nice to see others in the thread that did the same thing...I feel like an outsider returning home now and I'm super intimidated by what I hear about landing a new grad job! Good luck to all of us :)