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  1. Sp2017

    Late to clinical

    I came late for my clinical 2 hours due to my family emergency. I forgot to turn on my cellphone on, so when my buddy in clinical group called me, I didn't know. I also forgot to call for my instructor, so I ended up with Due process report. It was a bitter lesson to learn for me. ;(
  2. Sp2017

    Chabot RN Program Fall 2018

    last yr, I received an email by 5/12.
  3. Sp2017

    Already failed three exams in one class! Help!

    I did poorly on my first exam in one nursing class because I didn't know where to focus. All my classes are taught in a fast pace. Even I read the book, but there were too much information to be absorbed. Then, I changed my study method. The next two exams from other classes I got 90% -95%. I focused on my instructors' lectures. I recorded the lectures. Whatever on the lectures, I didn't understand clearly, I would read twice from the book as well as made map/diagram etc...so I could see the connections or rationales. Finally, I looked for free online quizzes to test out my knowledge. When taking exam, I underlined the keywords, so I wouldn't miss/mistake important words as well as not get distracted from other words. Hope it can help you do well on next exam.
  4. If Anatomy and Physiology classes are not offered separately, I'd follow Jen's recommendation. Otherwise, it's okay to take Anatomy and Physiology classes at the same time because you will see some overlaps between these two classes. I don't recommend take 4 core-sciences classes at the same time. Tons of information, homework, lap-reports, and exams will drive you crazy and affect your GPA.
  5. Sp2017

    Is McGraw Hill TEAS Review 2nd edition Good?

    I bought an McGraw book ( I forgot which editon ) before, but honestly, I feel that book is too easy if compare with ATI ones. The ATI book gives you exactly what a TEAS test looks like. You can borrow other practice books from public library.
  6. Sp2017

    Advice for high schooler

    Hi, I used to be in the same situation like you before , so I understand ur feeling. I'd like to try my best to help you out, give you some ideas about nursing. 1) ADN =associate degree in nursing 2) BSN = bachelor degree in nursing So yeah, you need to take general educational (GE ) courses to earn your degree at the end. You don't need to take all GE classes before taking prerequisites. Depending on ur strength in study, you can take 1-2 core prerequisites with some GE classes which you think you can handle. It's the best that you talk with counselor. They can answer your questions and help you set up an educational plan for what classes or when you can take them. To take the road ADN, and then do RN-BSN program or go straight to BSN , you have to be the person who decide it . We can't help you with it. You can google. There are many topics in this forum about it. However, since it's very competitive in applying for nursing program, I recommend you to apply for both ADN and BSN programs to see how things work out unless you are strong-confident in your choice-school.
  7. Sp2017

    Does fasfa cover nursing programs?

    From what I understand, if you are qualified, you can get Bogg fee waiver cover for your class fee, no matter how long you've enrolled in school. For Pell Grant, there is a limit in lifetime receiving Pell. You cant receive Pell if your LEU is maxed to 600%. You may be able to borrow Loan (subsided or non-subsidized ). And its max borrowing length = ur program length x 150%. You can find this information on fafsa and nslds websites.
  8. Sp2017

    F's from several years ago, I have a 3.8 now.

    Well, if you used to recieve Federal financial aid in the past, and now you apply for it again, the financial aid office will ask you to submit all previous transcripts in. I think "wipe out transcript" is the best option for you. It makes things easy for you later. You can take a few units per semester.
  9. Sp2017

    Which TEAS score should I submit?

    You should check with your school. The school I applied last year has a minimum required scores in reading section in order to be eligible for applying. If there is a tie, it will use reading score to decide first.
  10. Sp2017

    Chabot, Merritt, Ohlone Fall 2017

    Hi dura.mater, you should contact Catherine. She will help you with requesting a new upload. -------------- May I ask what brand of stethoscope you guys plan to buy?
  11. Sp2017

    Chabot, Merritt, Ohlone Fall 2017

    Thanks for sharing the information, YassQueen. I appreciate it. I was worried so much about it. I read the sample of immunization reports for class 2016 , and they accepted the qualitative test for Hep B/C, so I think I got everything done untill they said we need to do quantitative tests in the orientation.:nailbiting: Btw, congratulation on getting into the program.
  12. Sp2017

    Chabot, Merritt, Ohlone Fall 2017

    Hey guys, I'm confused that whether we need to submit qualitative or quantities test for hepatitis B/C ?? Thanks.
  13. Sp2017

    Srjc nursing lottery 2017

    Hi all, I'm accepted into the Fall 2017, but I will decline my spot. Just let u guys know, so don't lose hope. Wish all u guys the best lucks !
  14. Sp2017

    Chabot, Merritt, Ohlone Fall 2017

    Hey guys, Catherine just called me a few mins ago. I'm officially accepted into Chabot nursing program now. I wish the best luck to all of you who are still waiting. Hope we will meet in Fall 2017. Btw, you guys may need to look up for the instruction of background check in advance. I have a short time to complete and turn it by next Wed.
  15. Sp2017

    Srjc nursing lottery 2017

    Oh, Thanks for the explanation.
  16. Sp2017

    Srjc nursing lottery 2017

    Hi all, I read on the application which said the emails would be sent out by June 30th. Now , it is only 5/29. Is it too early to expect the emails, isn't it ?