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  1. essarge


    Was surfing the net and found this's very good!
  2. essarge

    Can you survive a bad teacher?

    I also had an absolutely horrible/witchy instructor last semester. She would openly put students down in class for not knowing an answer. The first day she walked in with an attitude like we were the crap on the bottom of her shoe. I just ignored ...
  3. essarge


    Had micro last year. Found it to be "not so interesting", except for the labs. Our instructor was VERY knowledgeable in this area and would copy his lecture notes onto a disk for you if you brought him one. He followed it pretty closely. I really ...
  4. essarge

    Are all A&P classes fast paced???

    My A&P classes were in the summer, so we took 14 weeks and scrunched them into 6 weeks each!! NancyRN has excellent advice! Good luck to you!
  5. essarge


    We have out first exam on the first day back this semester. It's on drug calculations and we have to get 100% on it .... YUK!!!!
  6. essarge

    OH, MY day today.

    We also have to get 100% on our drug calculation exams. Yes, it is nerve wracking!! I've taken out my drug calculation text and am starting from the beginning to review. Our first class (and exam) are next Wednesday (the 4th). Am not looking forw...
  7. essarge


    Thanks Sara, I attached the page the instructor sent us to an email. Thanks for the offer of help, it is greatly appreciated!!!
  8. essarge

    NA/Tech after 6 weeks of PN clinicals?!

    In my state, you can become a CNA after your first round of clinicals because it involves basic patient care. I am a tech in the ED at my hospital. It involves much more than basic care. I do phlebotomy, EKG, work with the trauma team when there is...
  9. essarge

    Student Nursing Goals

    Kathy, Our University also ends up with about 1/2 the starting amount of students. But we also have a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX. That being said, sometimes people don't realize how difficult a nursing program really is and try to "get by" which ...
  10. essarge


    Thanks! Found a website that is lippincott. They have allot of books and I ordered some from them. They bill you so that is a plus since I need the books now, but also need to "pay later"!!
  11. essarge

    waiting until the last minute...

    We are required to have tie up oxfords (YUK) which are very uncomfortable at best. Of course our uniforms make me feel like I stepped into a time zone back to the '70's! Already been there, done that....what's up with some of these schools and the ...
  12. essarge

    To Everyone Starting Classes September 3

    ((((catching the good luck wish)))) Thanks, I need all the good luck I can get. Got two exams the first day of class on meds, and drug calculations. Have to get 100% in order to pass meds this semester!!! Geesh, can't wait until '04 when I gradua...
  13. essarge

    Rue RN Program

    Congrats on your RN!! I agree that the online courses are very good (at least the ones that I have seen and heard about from the nurses where I work). Taking time off, for most people, to get their degree is difficult, if not impossible, for people...
  14. essarge

    on CPR

    We also had to have it BEFORE clinicals (health care provider) and they send you a reminder before every semester to make sure that you are up do date with two step PPD, CPR certification, etc.
  15. essarge

    Define Irony...

    Bean, You will find that anywhere. My class (fortuneately) isn't like that and there are 36 of us. But I can tell you that at the hospital that I work at there are ALLOT of people that just seem to think that they need to be in everyone else's busi...