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doctoral_candidate17 has 13 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Nurse Education.

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  1. doctoral_candidate17

    Participant Recruitment For Research Purposes

    When I embarked on my PhD journey, I had many grandiose ideas on where to go and what to do with my research study. Many educators along the way kept reminding me to keep it simple and stay within my means as a graduate student. Best advice that I co...
  2. doctoral_candidate17

    Seeking Research Participants - RN with 2 years or less experience

    Thank you to all for your participation. I have quickly met and exceeded the number of participants needed. I am looking forward to data analysis. Once analysis is complete, I will be posting a brief summary of findings. Again, thank you for your par...
  3. doctoral_candidate17

    Seeking Research Participants - RN with 2 years or less experience

    Thank you for posting this and for the support from
  4. doctoral_candidate17

    Work experience required to be a nurse educator?

    From my experience various schools have a variety of requirements. Different positions are opening up all the time. In my opinion (as an educator for 6 years and seeing new educators walk into work every academic year) the important considerations fo...
  5. Are you a registered nurse? Please consider participating in my research study if you: -have 2 years or less of experience -are working or have worked in bedside clinical practice You are invited to take part in a research study a...
  6. doctoral_candidate17

    Looking for a Online RN to MSN Program

    Walden University has a RN to MSN-FNP program. Here is a link to the program: RN to MSN Track | MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner | Walden University I earned my MSN in Nursing with a focus in education and am currently working on a PhD in Nursing...
  7. doctoral_candidate17

    Participation Compensation

    Thanks for the reply! If you were to be offered compensation, what would you be the most interested in receiving?
  8. doctoral_candidate17

    Nursing and Sorority?

    Time management certainly is a valid concern. Just keep your overall end life-goals in mind. There have been plenty of times where I would rather be doing something else that wasn't related to career preparation but ultimately I had to put my nursing...
  9. doctoral_candidate17

    Post Master's Nurse Educator Certificate

    I am currently a full-time faculty member and this is just my personal opinion and experience. Depending on the position and school, the DNP may be enough. Many postings I have seen if they even mention anything about the CNE it was preferred rather ...
  10. doctoral_candidate17

    Not enough students to give me a group

    Hi LilyRN99, This is a difficult situation no doubt and you are not the first and won't be the last to face this dilemma. It is important for you to evaluate your own situation (personal, career, and financial) and make the decision you feel is best ...
  11. doctoral_candidate17

    Participation Compensation

    Thanks for the suggestions and support meanmaryjean! With my potential sample size and being a poor doctoral student I honestly do not know how I could go about compensating each individually and was considering a drawing. I wanted to find out what a...
  12. doctoral_candidate17

    Participation Compensation

    As a new nurse within your first year of licensure ... if you were to participate in an online survey (max 15 minutes of your time) asking you to provide feedback regarding nursing career satisfaction and your future intentions for staying or leaving...
  13. doctoral_candidate17


    Making sure there is a gap in the literature so that you can justify your topic. There are far more things to consider. Starting with the gap in literature is an important start.
  14. doctoral_candidate17

    Nursing and Sorority?

    You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to and work for in my opinion. The biggest factor you want to consider is your future reputation and how the sorority may impact that. Many young ladies are in sororities only to find out the reputa...