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  1. hs2005

    Going PRN?

    Trying to decide if I want to switch from my full time status to PRN between two different units. One of the units always stays busy, but the other has low census days and I know I would be the first cancelled. Also worried about the choice of shifts I will have available. Of course I worry about losing short term disability and retirement- my health insurance is with my husband's company. Anyone else have these doubts when trying to make a decision to go PRN? Any advice?
  2. hs2005

    Ever feel unsafe in your job?

    I have only worked at one facility so I don't know if it is the size of our hospital or if this is just how it is everywhere. I have worked on two different units and on both units I have hit a point that my coworkers and I are thrown into things we are not comfortable with. The theory seems to be if you have done something once or twice and you are the only one around then you are considered proficient. I don't mind doing things if I am properly trained, I don't like feeling like I have a pulse so I should be able to handle any situation. I am seriously thinking of applying to other facilities because I don't like fearing for my license. It does not help that everyone is extremely negative and has the same complaints but has no one to take their complaints to. Does this go on everywhere? Is this just part of nursing? Don't want to go to another facility thinking the grass is greener.
  3. hs2005

    Anyone ever feel bored?

    does anyone ever feel bored in working in the OR? Sometimes I feel like once the case is set up and rolling I am just on the sidelines doing my charting. Am I the only one??
  4. hs2005

    cloth scrub hats in the OR

    We can wear the cloth hats if we wear the disposable ones over them. We are told the same thing that there is no way of knowing how often they are being laundered.
  5. hs2005

    Cardiac surgery books

    Can anyone recommend books on cardiac surgery? Looking for something that gives specifics about the procedures, going on by-pass and cannulation. As a circulator I feel I could better anticipate if I had a better explanation of what was going on during each surgery.
  6. hs2005

    Choosing a service

    canesdukegirl: Yes I am new to the OR, I guess that is what is making the decision so difficult. You are right, I do want to have the opportunity to learn more about all of the services and be able to fill in where I am needed. So far I like ortho, CV, and PV. I never had an interest in hearts in school, it was my weak area, but I like the team members. I enjoy the sports medicine side of ortho, but am afraid of getting bored. And then PV, I just found the cases interesting, but nothing else about the team appealed to me. Does this help any?
  7. hs2005

    Choosing a service

    How did you decide which service you wanted to work on? There are so many that I am interested in and I don't know how to decide. On some services I feel I relate better with the nurses and techs, on others I like the temperment of the doctors. Any advice??
  8. hs2005

    has anyone left the OR for the floor? or after 1 year?

    I am new to the OR after working the floor and I can't imagine going back. Maybe you could try accepting a PRN position on one of the other units if you really think you would like to consider a change. If you are comfortable with the level of patient interaction you are getting in the OR I would not suggest a position on the floor, but I understand some people have a better bedside manner and want to be more involved in direct patient care. By the way there is nothing wrong with being a little quiet and not making jokes, as long as you are a team player and have the patient's best interest in mind, that is all that matters.
  9. hs2005

    New Grad Positions in Louisiana

    If you are able to I would highly recommend finding a job as a tech asap. These are the first people units look at when hiring. Make sure to start applying early, I would start getting in touch with nurse recruiters in HR departments in March. In the New Orleans area you are looking to start at about $22-$23 for a base hourly rate.
  10. hs2005

    Feeling worn out all the time

    Don't know if it is due to stress and fast pace on my unit or what, but I find on my days off I feel exhausted. People always say how lucky I am to work only 3 days a week, but I don't get much done on the days I am not at work. The first day seems to be a complete recovery day after working two 12 hour shifts in a row. Maybe it is because I work different days and every other weekend so I can't get into a routine. Does anyone else have this problem? Don't know if I need to go to a less stressful unit (if that exists) or go to a M-F nursing position.
  11. I am considering a position I have been offered in wound care nursing. I am nervous that I will lose valuable nursing skills such as physical assessment, interpretation of lab values etc. working in such a specialized area. I am still a fairly new nurse I guess that is why I am concerned. I am just afraid that if down the road I decide I am bored of wound care nursing that I will have a difficult time getting another job. Anyone else had these concerns when deciding to go into wound care??
  12. hs2005

    New grad jobs NOLA/Northshore

    Most hospitals in the area start new grads at 22.50-23.50 an hour. I think University is under a hiring freeze again, but not sure. Did you just graduate? If so just make sure you have applications in at all of those facilities and just keep applying. I am pretty sure Ochsner is hiring in L&D right now. And yes they do give their techs priority. Let me know if I can give any more specific answers.
  13. hs2005

    Tulane University Hospital

    Any nurses out there working for Tulane? Just interested in what people think of the hospital.
  14. hs2005

    Advice on reading EKGs

    I need help. I have taken an EKG course and understand the rhythms when they explain them, but then the info. seems to get lost. I seem to have some mental block when it comes to reading these and I am terrified I will miss something on a patient. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice on how to get more comfortable with the heart?
  15. I am out of orientation now and working 12 hour shifts. Does anyone else just feel physically and mentally exhausted after their shifts? Does this get better? I am wiped out on my days off and have to use them as recovery.
  16. hs2005

    question for charity NAC II students

    There were a lot of people who had to take the review in our class. The problem is, you don't have time to go back and review for this because you are wrapping up the semester. Are you in NACII now? Let me know if you have any other questions, I know what it is like when you don't know what to expect.