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  1. Thank you Haley. The only concern is it is way more expensive than every other option. Have you attended there?
  2. I recently graduated from UW- La Crosse with a bachelors in Recreation Therapy. I have contacted so many programs and tried reading reviews and online webinars and I feel stuck. Some programs I have been looking at are Rasmussen College and UW Oshkosh because I can do some of it online and it is accelerated. I live in Madison, WI right now and it really is not an option to relocate is the program for some personal reasons. I also have been considering getting an ASN first and hopefully finding a position where the affiliation will assit with tuition. I am aware this would be the longer route which is okay if its another year or two but all programs I am finding have a crazy waiting list. Herzing University is also another program I was considering. Is anyone else in a similar situation or have any experience/advice with these programs? Some of my other concerns are I have some prerequisites I need to complete and I do not currently hold my CNA liscense. I really am considering Herzing University and Rasmussen because it seems to fit best with my situation but have read terrible reviews about the programs and Herzing is just crazy expensive it seems like compared to other programs. Anyone have anything positive to say about either of these programs? Please help! ....Needing some positive inspiration.