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  1. Newgradnurse17

    side job/second job?

    I saw YouTube video from glamour that showed one person making 40k a year from selling her worn underwear on Craigslist.....
  2. Newgradnurse17

    What do you do...

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen ED empty. And it’s quite rare for all pt care to be done when working on different floors. But normally if there are too many staff they get sent to other departments to help out. Maybe for short period of time or maybe the whole shift depending on what’s going on. If I have down time, I try get ahead and prepare anything I can do now or write notes. Our hospital also has online education sessions I might do if it’s something useful. Otherwise I enjoy the quiet time while it last. Makes up for those hectic shifts where you leave late, or have no breaks.
  3. Newgradnurse17

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Wait! The RN was arrested but no one else on the team? Even the surgeon who actually did this? At the end of the day it’s there pt, they are the one doing the surgery, it’s there responsibility. Pinning this all on one RN is horrific.
  4. Newgradnurse17

    Mass shooting

    Finally! Another person from NZ. youre not alone. No one ever thought this type of thing would happen here. We thought we were safe from the madness of the world. I still can’t believe that one person could plan this, even post his plans on social media, and not be known to police. that makes me really angry. The fact he managed to shoot up two place before being caught is horrific. Can’t imagine what else he had planned or if those bombs went off. I cant imagine what it must be like for people in chch. Keep talking about it. There’s a free number you can call or text, set up with trained counsellors, to help you through it. We are all finding this so difficult. The whole country is grieving.
  5. Newgradnurse17

    Do I have to disclose mental illness

    I’m surprised. I personally would tell them. Maybe not every last detail, like being hospitalised. But that you’ve had issues in the past, it’s well controlled and what you have in place to keep everything controlled. It can work in favour as well, if you struggle with you mental health at any point during your schooling, the school will probably be more supportive and accomodating if they know about your history. I learnt that the hard way. I have endometriosis, that really got in the way in my first year. I failed a paper because I didn’t tell anyone or ask for help/extensions. Then last semester of nursing school things got bad again, so I told them BEFORE it effected my grades and they were able to help and I got to graduate on time.
  6. Newgradnurse17

    Outpatient New Grad Opportunity

    I say go for it! Getting a job as a new grad isn’t easy. Especially if your trying for one speciality. Having a job guaranteed related to your area of interest is good. I’m assuming you enjoy working there. If you know you are going to be supported and get on well with staff, then it’s the perfect place to start.
  7. Newgradnurse17


    Oh my favourite is always, im nursing student and I failed. But it’s not my fault. It’s everyone else’s. It was only one point. I’m going to sue the school.
  8. Newgradnurse17

    I’ve given up

    I work in the float pool at my hospital, I got hired as a new grad and have been there for nearly a year and a half. I work all around the hospital, but most of my experience is in med/surg. When I first started a 2 people, on one particular floor, said some things about me. 98% complete lies. It was investigated and proved that they were lying. Anyhow it has managed to stick around. My manager has a low opinion about me. Nothing I do seems to be enough. I can’t chsnge her opinion. Regardless of all the nice things coworkers/pt say about me. Even the two people that lied about me, have gotten over it and have no problems working with me. I feel I have given this hospital everything. See my last post, where I reached breaking point. I was/am so burnt out. I feel like there’s nothing I can do to change things and just want to move on. But 1) I don’t know where to? I like having variety and working with all age groups. And 2) I’m worried about references. I feel like no one would hire me after talking to my manager. What can I do next? I know I need a fresh start.
  9. Newgradnurse17

    Why is it "legal" for patient to decline male nurses?

    I don’t see this as an issue, the pt has a right to refuse. You are there for there for the pt, why would you want to make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy? just because you are a nurse doesnt give you the right to order them around like that I know myself when I see a GP for any gynae related things I ask for a female doctor because I’m just more comfortable. I feel they understand better than a male doctor. It goes both ways though. I was working in ED one night and a guy needed a catheter inserted straight away but refuse any female to do it. In the end we only had one male nurse in the hospital working in med/surg that we had to come in and do it for us. Dont take it personally. And stop being so naive.
  10. Newgradnurse17

    Advice please I’m torn.

    Does someone want to think of the child here? You can’t leave them like this, knowing there meds are being altered and are affected him. He needs help. And it’s your profession responsibility to help him Plus it something that will def fall back on yourself and most probably land you in a lot of trouble. Reporting this shouldn’t be the issue.
  11. Newgradnurse17

    I’m burnt out

    My leave coming up is quite long, 10 weeks. So would be impossible to get a job anywhere and be able to keep my leave. I also I don’t have a particular floor I want to stay on permanently. There are definitely some I prefer, but none where I feel like yes! This is my speciality. I want to explore a few more floors while I’m still on float pool. As for not feeling appreciated, that comes from staff. Normally I actually like my pts. I feel like I just get taken advantage of. Ie get the worst load, last to get any sort of breaks ect. Yet its staff I feel bad for. I’m at a small hospital, where sometimes you really are all they have. Last week I did a shift with 3 other RNs, normally there’s 8 on. The next shift had even less staff on. They literally had no one left to call. When they say they are desperate, they really do mean it. i know they need to hire more staff, everyone does, but doesn’t matter how many times they are this short staff nothing seems to change.
  12. Newgradnurse17

    Code Blue

    We don’t use braclets or anything like that. First I’ve heard of it. But any unstable pt, every nurse is aware of and if they DNR or not. We just have emergency bells. Press it and in a matter of seconds you will have 20 staff members. So for me, that’s all I would do if I was unsure.
  13. Newgradnurse17

    How do you cope?

    There pain, grief, loss, poor outcome is there’s. Not mine. I’m there to support them and help where possible. I might not be able to change things, but sometimes just talking is enough to help them. Which is very rewarding, seeing how you’ve made a difference.
  14. Newgradnurse17

    I’m burnt out

    So I’ve been an RN for nearly a year and a half and Im burnt out. I work on the float pool, working on different floors every day. Sometimes multiple floors a day. I do ten 8 hour shifts a fortnight. I’m sick of being an ‘outsider’ every where I go. I’m sick of not being appreciated. im sick of being so busy that I never get a lunch break im sick of doing short changes (ie finishing at 2330 and being back at 0700) I’m sick of being called in everyday, making me feel so bad that I can’t say no im sick of having to work 7-8-9 days in a row and only having one day off before starting back I feel like all my life is going to work, coming home and sleeping and then back to work. On my day off (rarely have more than 1 off in a row) I either do house work and meal prep, or sleep for 15 hours. I moved here for my job, and haven’t really made any friends. I’m single as well. So spend most my time on my own and have no one I can talk to about my frustration or when I’ve had a sh*ty day. I have a leave in a couple of months, but don’t think I can make it till then. I’m exhausted.
  15. Newgradnurse17

    Would this shirt get me into trouble in class?

    I agree with others here. I really don’t get why people get obsess with having all this nursing related things, tacky slogans on items, syringe shaped pens, and the non stop posting on social about how amazing nurses are. We get it. Your a nurse/student nurse. its a bit over the top. also you have a dress code for nursing school????