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  1. FL_RN5375

    Jobs while license is suspended

    Hi. Long story short. I'm a nurse who was in IPN. I had a relapse and some other issues and was unable to complete what they required of me at the time and my licensewas suspended. It will be suspended until I restart IPN. I left IPN in January and went to treatment I could afford and have been focused on myself and recovery. I plan to restart IPN but need more stability before I do so. My main question is about jobs and work. Primarily billing and coding. I haven't been able to find much through research. So my question is does anyone know if i would be allowed to work in medical billing and coding/get certified and preferably work in non patient care facilities? I have a clean background. I'm in Florida. I have a friend who got certified in 2 days and now makes very good money with no experience. I'm struggling to find a short term job that makes decent enough money so I can restart IPN. Thank you!
  2. FL_RN5375

    IPN Treatment Questions

    Hi, I am new to the site as a member but I have been following for a while. I am looking to try and get some specific questions answered. I am new to IPN and don't know much. Long story short I had my evaluation at an IPN specific inpatient facility that of course recomended inpatient treatment that would be at least 90 days. This was about two weeks ago that my recommendations came back and I was given approved treatment facilities. I have been busting my butt for the last two weeks trying to compare prices and lengths of stay. So I start to begin the admissions process at a facility in network with my insurance just to find out insurance won't pay because I have been sober for three months there or at any other facility. So, Im looking for advice or any guidance on what I could do next. I am calling my case worker to see if it is too late to get a second opinion. I have no problem doing whatever I have to do or go to inpatient treatment whether it's needed or not but my insurance will only pay for outpatient and I have tried every lender and loan company possible. If possible I would like a second opinion because I really do not want to fail and want treatment. The longer I go through this process the more I learn but it seems IPN holds back as much info as possible about treatment options besides at these two main facilities. If I can't get a second opinion I am going to go to a state funded inpatient if they will even except me being clean that long. If anyone has had a similar situation I would love to private message and discuss. I was in a nurse support group but just moved and am not comfortable yet in my new one. So, my main questions are What is the time limit for seeking a second opinion? Has anyone been in the same boat after being recommended inpatient treatment? Are there any specific places to go that I don't know about that will be helpful? How do you even begin to find an evaluator not specified by IPN?