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  1. DextersDisciple

    Sexual Assault Exams

    Hence why I said it was inappropriate for people “not trained in chain of custody” to collect evidence. I also said “different states vary” and this is what would have happened in *my* state.
  2. DextersDisciple

    Should I have accessed her port?

    I still don’t think ”zofran works better through my port” is a plausible indication to access it. There are many other good indications but this is not one of them.
  3. DextersDisciple

    Sexual Assault Exams

    I was waiting for someone to mention that this is the SANE’S job only, not the ED RN. I worked as a SANE in the past. It would be highly inappropriate for someone who is not trained in chain of custody and certified in sexual assault to be doing a forensic exam. Perhaps different states vary in this regard though. In my state you would have never been asked to do a forensic exam and if the SANE was tied up in another exam someone else would come out. Even our supervisor would come out if needed. So sorry you were put through that
  4. DextersDisciple

    Should I have accessed her port?

    I do not disagree with you at all. I did say I would be the first person to access the port and skip the peripheral all together. I kinda forgot it was in the AC as I was writing that so yes I agree that is a crap spot for all the reasons stated throughout the thread. If I was the floor nurse I would have accessed the port and used that right away and used the peripheral as a second line. Ive had pts in the ICU(!) who had an unaccessed port and multiple IVs. It really aggravated me and i would access it as long as it wasn’t contraindicated(being discharged tomorrow, etc). my best friend and roommate has sickle cell so I know how extremely painful it is. I was just saying I don’t think accessing the port was something to be up in arms about if she already has a well functioning line and did not need additional access. HOWEVER I would have questioned why it wasn’t accessed and the pt had to be stuck for a PIV in the first place.
  5. DextersDisciple

    Should I have accessed her port?

    But is that even a thing? EBP shows analgesia to be more effective in smaller amounts in a port compared to a peripheral? That’s why the pt came off as “looking for a high”. I’m the first person to avoid placing a PIV if I see a port (I call it the “one stop shop”). However the piv was already placed by someone else so she must have not been that difficult of a stick.
  6. DextersDisciple

    Nurses with bipolar or anxiety/depression

    I am. Lamictal is a wonderful drug. Chances are an antidepressant would help as well but that’s for you and your doctor to discuss. I take my meds and life is good. Nights, however, made me have breakthrough symptoms. Nights wreak havoc on “normal” people’s minds and bodies let alone those With a mood disorder. Best of luck to you, it will get better.
  7. DextersDisciple

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    @HomeBoundforcing the residents, fellows and other "still in school" (technically) to do the hard work. You know.....the time-outs and the site marking. IR nurse here- just wanted to point out that we cannot perform time out until the attending is present. However some pop in just for time out
  8. DextersDisciple

    Living paycheck to paycheck

    Hmm. Is there anyway you could pick up OT? I’m not sure if it would be considered OT though since you only work 32 hours. Do you pay for childcare? I would look into budgeting programs for your utility bills. For example, my gas company and I believe electric too provide discounted rates for people making less than a certain amount of money. If you have student loans you could have them reviews to see if you could have a lower monthly payment. Find out if your payments are income driven- that could be hurting you or helping you depending on how much you pay monthly. I made over $72K NOT including OT. If my payments were based on how much money I earned I would pay a lot more monthly.
  9. DextersDisciple

    Living paycheck to paycheck

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this but know you are not alone! I think I need a little more detail to truly give you helpful advice. How many years of experience do you have? What exactly is .8? Is your hourly wage comparable to other facilities? What area of the country do you live in? Cost of living varies state to state.
  10. DextersDisciple

    New Grad in NeuroICU

    My hospital calls it NICU as well. It’s kind of confusing for the reason you stated.
  11. DextersDisciple

    On call pay

    When I worked ICU we were never assigned call. I know we had low census PTO where they’d call you like an hr before your shift if they needed you.
  12. DextersDisciple

    On call pay

    Overstaffing exists?? Lol
  13. DextersDisciple

    On call pay

    Im in a procedural Dept and we all are required to rotate call. We make $3/hr plus the time and half if called in. I didn’t realize how many floor/unit nurses had to take call. I
  14. DextersDisciple

    Gonna Quit: When Nursing Is Rough...

    I have a few Joy. Outpatient oncology(infusion, radiation, clinic, phone triage) Urgent Care, same day surgery, IR/cath lab (higher acuity and more stressful kind of outpatient job), employee Health center.
  15. DextersDisciple

    Welcome Home!!!! - Home Sweet Home

    This!! is what I used to see on my phone when I hit “request desktop version”.