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  1. I have not come into contact with a compliance officer. If we have one it would be a big help. With it being a trauma center you would think they had one. I will check. We do have a risk management department that I reached out to. I will suggest yearly in services to my manager. It would be a big help if the surgeons understood our roles. I don't think they do. Thank you for your advice. Will research.
  2. Yes, I agree. I will watch the situation. The only reason why I wrote her up was because she filed a complaint against me. I plan to look for a new job at this time. Thank you for the comment.
  3. Thank you so much for this educated, experienced, and timely response. You really educated me and allowed me to see the big picture. I am very humbled. I will take ALL your advice Words can't express how you helped me as a nurse. I am located in Califorina
  4. Hello, As a circulator tonight I'm feeling defeated. I've been a circulator for 3,5 years. Today a surgeon became really upset because I informed her it was policy to use an Legal interpreter before entering the operating room. The surgeon informed the charge nurse that she never wanted me in her room again. She stated I compromise patient care because the doctors are tired. She stated this happens all the time. I work with her about three times and on another occasion it was a paperwork issue because another doctor completed a H&P for a patient. I informed her she should update her H&P stating, "There were no changes to current H&P. " When speaking to other co-workers they stated they just document in the record doctor refused. The hospital policy state otherwise. It states staff must utilize an interpreter. Questions: 1. Can I enter a note stating doctor refused, and still protect my license and job? 2, I completed a behavioral occurance report and email reporting the details to management. Should I do more? 3. . I strive for accuracy and perfection in an un-managed environment and unmotivated co-workers. Should I look for a new job? 4. Would it be unethical to adapt to the environment and unit culture? Im known as a hard worker, however I feel everyone view me as, "Over the top." I always get push back for doing my job, in attempt to provide positive outcomes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
  5. strive

    New nurse looking for PACU 101 Book

    Do anyone know of a good PACU 101 book? I have no experience and work in PACU. Thank You for your help.
  6. Caliotter, I will start documenting. Thank you
  7. Hi RoseQueen I have not spoken to the person out of fear that things will get worse. Not sure if I should get management involved. I will take your advice and speak with her. Patient safety is a concern. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone can give me advice on working with a challenging scrub tech. This scrub tech stated, "Your learning by trail and error. Not sure why they don't want to train you?" I'm new in the OR with not much training, and this same scrub tech I work with daily always intentionally set me up for failure. She does things such as unhook my suction, turn off my SCD, and things I place on the counter for the case seem to disappear like my lactate ringer. Another employee noticed that the LR I placed on the counter was missing. I'm not sure how to address this issue without being sabotaged more?
  9. Rose thank you so much for this information. It's very frustrating because I was hired full-time and my boss controls my schedule Monday through Friday. I work six hours a day and cancelled two out of five days. It makes it impossible to have a day off and forces me to work seven days a week, and work another nursing job on the weekend. I have to decide what I'm going to do. I love the OR.
  10. I was hired full time outpatient surgery. I'm usually flexed (cancelled) two days a week. Is this normal? To the outpatient nurses: How many hours do you work at your outpatient surgery center? Just wondering if I have to take an inpatient position to get 40 hours a week ? Do all in-patient positions require going on call? Thank you for your response.
  11. strive

    Where do OR nurses go?

    Have you tried other areas? OR has been the best so far for me. I've worked in 5 different areas and there is no perfect job. I feel disenchanted because I'm forced to learn Pre-op and Post Op and have no desire to work in these two areas.....I usually write down the positive and negative about the job in question. I work part time in two different specialties.
  12. strive

    OR sabotage? Or Not....

    RobTheOrNurse Thank you so much I will take advice. I prefer to find an environment that train. I will be proactive and look into taking the Periop 101 course on my own. @ Lam2010 my supervisor is the contact person but shes not in room during critical times. I had 2 days of true orientation. Feeling incompetent.
  13. strive

    OR sabotage? Or Not....

    Also, I love the OR
  14. strive

    OR sabotage? Or Not....

    Hello, I graduated from a Operating Room Program that teach the basics of safety in the operating room (clinical was inpatient). The course was a semester. I Accepted a outpatient surgery position which is like night and day. My training has been watch a case then the next time circulate with help of tech. Two weeks ago it changed to throwing me in random cases with no notice which is overwhelming and I can't think or focus. Everyone tell me I'm doing well but a couple of anesthesiologist got frustrated. Is this Sabatoge? Will I become a strong Competent nurse with no real training? I've always been a respected competent nurse. How much training should you have in outpatient surgery? Any Tips. Please advise. Really appreciate your time and advice.

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