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  1. mtnbiker

    PMHNP advice

    I am in the process of doing just that. I have requested to shadow a PHMNP and am now looking for behavioral health RN openings in my area. I live in Northern Arizona, Sedona area. Im checking around for psych jobs in Prescott and Flagstaff Thank you for your response and being part of my quest for knowledge.
  2. mtnbiker

    PMHNP advice

    Good to know. Thank you for the input. I can understand how the FNP would be beneficial up front to get a basic medical foundation then branch off into a specialty such as mental health. I am a new RN of 2 years, I have not worked in the psych setting. My areas of interest are suicidality, forensic nursing, substance abuse, and medication assistive therapy for recovering addicts. I would like to shadow a PMHNP for a week to see what their work week and job responsibilities looks like.
  3. mtnbiker

    PMHNP advice

    I am frozen with indecision on my choice to pursue PMHNP or FNP. Are there any PMHNPs out there that could weigh in? What does your average day/patient population look like? What type of facility do you work at? Are you glad you chose this field of work?
  4. mtnbiker

    Masters in forensic nursing?

    I also was going to do the masters in forensic nursing at Aspen as well, but then thought to myself where would I work? I did a 40 hour web based SANE training for free through tribal forensic healthcare but am struggling finding a place to do the clinical training. I live in rural Northern Arizona and the only Forensic Nursing Department is in Pheonix. I believe I am changing my educational route to PMHNP so I know I can get a job with that degree. If Im going to put the money out for a masters I got to have good financial return.