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  1. hopefulFNP2017

    Distractions & interruptions: ICU vs. other units?

    Hey I'm also thinking if I might have similar problems with getting distracted and having to "recover" vs. being able to hyperfocus (when I really know my patients, I really know it and can recite things from memory pretty well and be surprisingly accurate). Someone I interviewed with today said I sound like I might be suited for the ICU with less patients. I also wondered if outpatient might be the way to go. Anything where it's not like more than 4 or more patients seems to work for me. I can handle 3 or 4 stable patients, but throw in 2-3 acute patients and if they're total care it becomes completely insane.
  2. hopefulFNP2017

    Is nursing for me?!

    Don't do it. If you're already stressed out, and looking to get out from that kind of life, nursing is the wrong career. Nursing has plenty of stress in store for you. Someone said that you may have to step in and turn and move patients sometimes. Uhm, no, it's more like, all the time. I'm working at a place that's really great and people help each other already. But even then, there's just SO MUCH turning, moving, cleaning poop, toileting needed for our patients (I'm at a stepdown, usual ratio is 4:1 or 5:1) that it's pretty much all hands on deck every shift. In nursing school, they said, "learn to delegate!" and stupidly teach us what things we're supposed to delegate. People actually think you'll get to delegate a bunch of things to a tech. That's a joke. Yea, once you get out in the workplace, you discover that there's ONE tech for the whole floor sometimes. There's no one to delegate to. You'll be lucky to find another nurse who's free and can help you, and if your patient is obese, good luck finding two more strong and able bodies to help out. It sounds jaded, but it's true. That's how it is, and I've heard my workplace is high acuity, but generally a pretty good place to work compared to other places where horror stories abound.
  3. hopefulFNP2017

    New nurse transfer?

    I'm with you on that, exactly around 6 mths as a new grad too, second career, stepdown unit. It just feels so crazy because patients can be a page away from ICU and are pretty much total care at times, but instead of 2 patients like you can have in the ICU, you have a medsurg ratio.
  4. hopefulFNP2017

    New Nurse Tips for Struggling Nurse

    Same...been at it for 6mths, second career. In my 30's. It's hard What did you do prior to nursing? I just think the environment is chaotic at times, too much happens simultaneously, and there's so MUCH to do and learn.
  5. hopefulFNP2017

    Nursing: What Did I Get Myself Into?!

    Really great article; I'm also a person who has a creative/journalism streak and was kind of wondering about how to combine that with nursing. Would be curious if others have had similar experiences or found other creative ways to do it.