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Professionalism while seeking a position internally

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I applied for an internal position that I grew highly interested after shadowing a couple of times and getting to know staff on that unit. My observations are that the staff like it there - people have stayed there for 10/20/30+ years and appear to enjoy it and work well together. There were other aspects of the work itself that have really captured my interest. Over the last several months I continued to talk to staff on this other unit to learn more about the job itself and what they like most about working there. It's a neighboring department and so my current unit interacts with the unit of interest often. I was encouraged by multiple staff members of unit of interest that I should apply. After giving it time and a lot of thought, I applied. I passed the initial screening, completed an informational interview, and then went through a formal interview that lasted several hours and was in three stages (2 panels and then a 1 on 1 with upper management). Near the end I asked about the next steps in the process and was told that they should be making offers over the next few weeks once they have finished the interview process. The number of positions open is unclear at this moment. Priority is finding a good fit - they have received a lot of interest however will only hire those who feel would fit in well - and so it could be only a couple, or it could be multiple - it just depends. I asked for feedback afterwards and was told that "I think you did very well" "pleased with presentation" "impressed." So, I am feeling hopeful. I did admit at the very end as we were walking out that I wanted to give my current supervisor proper notice, but needed clarity on when I should do that. I do not know yet if I will get the job - I just heard from one individual that she was told she was "being a quitter" when she had given notice when leaving - I don't know if this is truly what she was told, it is just what I had heard - Again, I haven't been given an offer yet though, either. I wonder if I should have avoided asking this question, but wanted to be transparent and honest that it was on my mind, and wanted to be professional and handle it well if I were to receive that sort of response. Maybe I should have familiarized myself with the process a bit better before asking the question. Or maybe I should have reframed the question. (I am a bit naive on this). I do notice that the unit is splitting up and/or fleeing. My impression is that people have become unhappy with the changes that the new supervisor would be implementing in the near future. Not all people, just some. The unhappy individuals are talking more loudly, more negatively, and the chatter is becoming difficult to tune out which is distracting me from just doing my job and focusing on patient care. Other reasons that I am no longer am interested in staying on my current unit include the lack of learning opportunities and skills have me less than excited about my current job. I love to learn and teach. 

Thoughts, advice, insight? Any feedback would be much appreciated. 

Thank you 

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Refer to your facility's policy on intradepartmental staffing transfers. In mine, the only requirement is to notify the current supervisor of an interview. There is actually no "giving notice"- the date of transfer is negotiated between the two managers, with the maximum wait per policy being 6 weeks. If I were to transfer internally, I would inform my manager that I have been selected to be interviewed for X position. If offered the position and I accepted today, my manager could let me go at the beginning of the next pay period (all transfers have to happen at a pay period start) or hold me until October 5th but no later.

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