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  • GO2 Fashion Series Compression Socks

    Nurses should try a pair of GO2 Fashion Series Compression Socks today if your legs are achy, tired, and swollen. Get ready to experience support and comfort.

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    • Telephone Number: 1-800-578-3563

    The GO2 Fashion Series Compression Socks are designed to increase blood circulation for better performance and faster recovery. The blended nylon fabric is infused with silver to fight odor, bacteria, and moisture. These socks are great for Nurses and anyone else who may be on their feet all day.

    The Company

    GO2 Socks opened their doors in 2015 with the desire to give you more colorful sock options for both work and workouts. After experiencing swelling and tiredness in their legs after a long day of work, the founders of GO2 Socks starting making high quality compression apparel with the power to improve your day.

    How To Put On Go2 Compression Socks

    Quick Recap

    • Increases blood circulation in the legs
    • Provides better performance and faster recovery
    • Blended nylon is infused with silver to fight odor, bacteria, and moisture
    • Great for Nurses and fellow healthcare colleagues


    The GO2 Fashion Series Compression Socks relieve tiredness and improve circulation. They are sold at a reasonable price that allows you to buy a few pairs so that you are never without them at work.

    Product Details/Specs

    15-20 mmHg compression


    • Relieves tiredness and improves circulation
    • Perfect for daily wear
    • 15-20 mmHg graduated compression from ankle to calf



    Promos and Offers

    GO2 Socks offers occasional special pricing, discounts, or coupon codes via email, mail, or on social media accounts. Follow or sign up to get the latest notifications.

    Versions Available

    The GO2 Fashion Series Compression Socks come in several different colors and patterns. You can choose from polka dots, stripes, solids, harlequin and animal prints. You can also choose to purchase socks in one, two, four, or six packs.


    GO2 Socks does not offer a warranty, however they do have a return policy.

    Return Policy

    New items in original packaging, including labels can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a refund. Most items can be exchanged as well.

    Contact Information

    You can reach GO2 Socks, Monday through Friday, 830 am to 5 pm at 800-578-3563.

    Go2 Socks
    405 Enterprise
    Longview, TX 75604

    What Comes in the Box

    Socks only


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