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  • Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

    The Dansko Women’s Professional Mule delivers unbeatable comfort, all-day support and a classic style. Dansko advocates healthy feet by creating these shoes with your comfort and safety at the forefront.

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    • Telephone Number: 1-800-326-7564

    If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish shoe, you have found it in the Dansko Professional Mule...

    Whether you are a new or seasoned nurse, the Professional Mule offers style and comfort for your feet and with a reinforced toe box, protects your toes while you work.  Every floor nurse needs a good pair of shoes. You want comfort and at the same time, not have to sacrifice style. The Dansko Women’s Professional Mule delivers unbeatable comfort, all-day support and a classic style. You can choose from four types of leather, changing the look of the shoe. The instep collar is padded which provides extra comfort while walking. Toes are protected by a reinforced toe box that allows for extra “wiggle” room. A rocker bottom propels the foot forward and provides shock absorption. This shoe has a wide heel strike, offering greater stability. The leather sock lining provides for long-wearing comfort.


    To ensure a comfortable fit when trying on the shoe at the time of purchase, follow these guidelines:

    • Make sure there is approximately one pinky finger width between your heel and the back of the shoe.
    • Your heel should move up and down freely when walking.
    • Relax your feet and resist the urge to curl your toes when trying on the mule.
    • Try on both clogs, standing with equal weight on your feet; the arch support should be directly under your arch.
    • Your toes and heel should not be touching either end of the shoe.
    • Always try on both clogs since most people have two different size feet, then choose the larger size.
    Heel Height 2 inches
    Platform Measures approximately 0.75 inches
    Weight 15 ounces
    Sizes 35 EU/4.5-5 US up to 43EU/12.5/13US
    Patent Leather 19 Colors and Patterns (black, petrol, silver-black, garnet, pewter-floral, pixel, whirl, blue-shadow, viola, henna-floral, script, wavy-stripes, color-burst, wild-flower, planet, pink-hibiscus, faded-stripe, exotic-floral, grey-tooled)
    Box Leather 7 Colors (black, white, red, cobalt, dark-blue)
    Oil Leather 4 Colors (black, blueberry, antique brown-blonde, antique brown-black)
    Other Leathers (black-cabrio, cordovan-cabrio, honey-distressed, black-metallic suede, bronze-metallic, cordovan-pullup, grey-scrunch, blue-scrunch)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will this shoe benefit me?

    The Dansko Professional Mule is extremely comfortable and very stylish. There are several colors and leather types from which to choose. Because there is a reinforced toe box, your toes have extra wiggle room and are protected from possible injury.

    This shoe offers great comfort without sacrificing style.  And, the affordability of the product will not "break the bank".  The shoe is good for nurses who are on their feet all day or all night long and at the same time, a great shoe for wearing casually.  The padded instep collar also offers extra comfort while walking.

    How do I care for this shoe?Cleaning this shoe is very easy. A soft, clean, dry towel will wipe off most dirt and smudges.

    Other Features

    • Rubber sole
    • Leather
    • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom
    • Leather sockliner
    • Padded instep collar

    Promos and Offers

    MSRP: $125 to $135

    Amazon - $119 - $135

    Many different stores carry this shoe. Shop around to find the lowest cost.

    Versions Available

    This shoe comes in 4 different types of leather and many colors and patterns to suit every nurse's needs.

    Return Policy

    If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the unworn, resalable shoes in the original packaging within 60 days of the purchase date to Dansko. If you purchase the shoe from a different store, you will need to read and understand their individual return policy. 


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