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  • Macbook Pro 2017

    The Macbook Pro 2017, featuring an incredibly thin design, is the first Mac with touch ID. Apple optimizes the Macbook Pro performance marking a milestone in technological evolution.

    Last Update:
    • Version (Minimum): 13 inch
    • Version (Maximum): 15 inch
    • Telephone Number: 1-800-692-7753

    Macbook Pro 2017

    The Macbook Pro is better than ever in the 2017 model. Thinner and faster aren’t just cliches; it is a real impact you will see when using the new Macbook. This also is the first Macbook to feature a "Touch Bar" which was the first of its kind among laptops. And, like many of Apple’s products released this year, the retina display offers some of the best picture quality you have ever seen in a laptop.   

    Dimensions 0.59" x 11.97" x 8.36"
    Weight 3.02 pounds
    Screen Size 13.3"
    Exterior Colors Silver and Space Gray
    Operating System MacOS
    Processor 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
    Memory 8GB RAM and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB Storage

    Refined, Efficient, and Incomparable Macbook Pro 2017

    • More portable than ever
    • Navigates more conveniently with the Touch Bar
    • Faster navigation, from editing content to copying files
    • Creates a powerful work station with four Thunderbolt ports
    • Utilizes MacOS, built specifically for the device


    The Macbook Pro comes in a pair of sizes, at 13 inches and 15 inches in screen size. These size offerings are great for anyone looking for a standard laptop size or something a bit more compact for carrying. Either way, the laptop's portability is further emphasized by its lightweight, at just 3 or 4 pounds depending on screen size. 

    As you would want from any laptop, the Macbook has a strong enough battery to last all day. With up to 10 hours in every charge you will not have to worry about plugging in your Macbook until you get home every day.  

    No computer can function well without enough power to satisfy your needs. The Macbook Pro will not disappoint no matter what processor model you select.

    Dimensions 0.61" x 13.75" x 9.48"
    Weight 4.02 pounds
    Screen Size 15.4"
    Exterior Colors Silver and Space Gray
    Operating System MacOS
    Processor 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
    Memory 16GB RAM and 256GB or 512GB Storage


    The game changing feature in the Macbook Pro is the new Touch Bar. The new bar above the keyboard gives you access to buttons that are relative to whatever program you are working on. Using this virtual bar opens a world of possibilities, so much so that it is unlikely the full possibilities of the feature have even been utilized.  

    Macbook now has four Thunderbolt 3 slots located on the exterior of its casing. This many powerful plug-ins opens your laptop to the possibility of being so much more than a simple portable computer. Apple gives the example that the ports could power two 5K displays, turning your Macbook quickly into a sophisticated work station.  

    Besides the great performance packed in the Macbook, it also comes with the best screen in an Apple notebook to date. With bright LED backlighting and a high contrast ratio, everything is sure to be crystal clear on your display.

    What makes the Macbook the most unique laptop and notebook offering available is the operating system it utilizes. MacOS is built specially for the computer, and the computer is built specially for the software. To this regard, MacOS runs spectacularly, and being able to sync all your files across each iOS devices is a great convenience as well for those who own other Apple products.


    "What is the difference between the various Macbook Pro models Apple offers?"
    Apple offers lots of different customization for their laptops. While there are only two colors to choose from, there are lots of options in terms of technical features. The screen size comes in two options and you can get the computer with or without the Touch Bar. There are also opportunities to change the processor and thus make the computer faster. Of course all of these changes affect the price and ultimately you will need to look into what features work best for you. It may also be a good idea to talk to a representative from the Apple store to help you get a better idea what is best for you.   
    "Does the computer have a headphone jack?"
    It does. This is surprising considering the headphone jack was dropped from Apple's phones, however the Macbook retained the headphone jack but no longer has an SD card slot.

    Offers and Promos

    13" Model

    • MSRP Starting at $1299
    • Apple: $1299 for base model
    • Best Buy: $1199.99 (SALE)

    15" Model

    • MSRP Starting at $2399
    • Apple: $2399 for base model
    • Best Buy: 1899.99 (SALE)


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