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  • Apple Watch 3

    Freedom! That is what you'll experience with the Apple Watch 3. With cellular connection, you will be able to send messages, receive email, stream millions of songs, make phone calls, and so much more. Do all of this while leaving your phone behind!

    Last Update:
    • Version (Minimum): 38mm
    • Version (Maximum): 42mm
    • Telephone Number: 1-800-692-7753

    What can the Apple Watch 3 do?

    The popular Apple Watch brand recently released their third generation of the popular multi-purpose device. While the watch looks quite similar to the previous generations, this is the first time the device features cellular connection. This opens up the option for users to access information straight from their watch, without needing to be in close proximity of their phone (like in previous models). The wealth of improvements Apple has made to the new device makes it a great option for those looking for a new watch or even to upgrade their existing Apple Watch model.

    • Remain constantly connected, even when you are not carrying your phone
    • Stream millions of songs to your watch
    • Communicate with Siri easily
    • Help you achieve your fitness goals
    • Customize with a wealth of faceplate, case and band options
    Dimensions 38.6mm x 33.3mm x 11.4mm
    Weight 26.7 grams
    Screen Size 38mm
    Processor Faster dual-core processor (compared to previous models)


    The Apple Watch’s clear benefit comes in its ability to keep you constantly connected. While this is the first generation to offer cellular service for the device, it is not required. There is still a less expensive model available that connects to your phone via Bluetooth while transmitting all the same information (from a close proximity to your phone). 

    Calls, texts, and notifications are all easily available on your wrist. This can be quite convenient for when you are exercising or simply do not have pocket space to hold your phone. 


    Those who love music will enjoy the new Apple Watch’s streaming abilities. Forty million songs are available through Apple Music for streaming directly to your wrist. This massive library is sure to have nearly all of the music you could ever want. 

    Siri, the popular AI that many Apple users are familiar with, now works better than ever in the Apple Watch’s third generation. Plus, the ability to control the watch with your phone will leave you navigating your world through the sound of your voice, all without your phone nearby.

    Dimensions 42.5mm x 36.4mm x 11.4mm
    Weight 32.3 grams
    Screen Size 42mm
    Processor Faster dual-core processor (compared to previous models)

    Fitness is still a key focus for the new Apple Watch, as the ring fitness tracking system returns. The system also coaches you along by reminding you to meet your goals and updating you on your progress. Your friends who also use Apple Watch can compete against you through the Activity Sharing feature.

    The options to create a unique Apple Watch have also expanded; now with multiple different case options and even more band offerings. Aluminum, ceramic, steel, and stainless steel cases can be coupled with various bands to create a watch that is unique to you. The faceplate is also highly customizable, offering plenty of layouts to pick from on the digital screen.   

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When playing music from your watch, does it play out of a speaker on the watch? The watch does have a built-in speaker, but the primary way to listen to music is through the headphones. Yes, the headphones can connect to the watch (Bluetooth only), all without using your phone. 
    I heard you can swim with your watch on. How water resistant is it?The Apple Watch is great for swimmers as it is water resistant up to 50 meters. 

    Offers and Promos

    • MSRP Starting at $329
    • Apple $329 and up
    • Target $329 and up
    • Best Buy $329 and up


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