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  • Mindfulness for Medical Professionals E Course

    The Mindfulness for Medical Professionals E Course teaches key brain-based mindfulness practices that create the most positive impact for today’s Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, physicians, and fellow healthcare colleagues.

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    The Mindfulness for Medical Professionals E Course utilizes brain-based solutions designed for the Nurse and fellow colleagues to make simple, long-lasting changes to manage overwhelming events/issues, increase efficiency and productivity, create a positive workplace culture, restore joy in practice, and develop work/life harmony.

    This course is designed to build resiliency to the modern-day stressors medical professionals are routinely confronted with – electronic medical records, patient overload, compassion fatigue, burnout, lack of engagement with colleagues, the challenge of bringing work issues home and home issues to work, and much more.

    The course explains the neurology of stress, the various brain states we encounter over the course of a day, and the neurological benefits of regular mindfulness practices. Participants start out being guided through our foundational mindful breathing practice. They will be progressively introduced to solutions that can be easily incorporated into their daily work (and home) life, and they will be provided with tools to help keep them accountable.

    About the Creator: Dr. Kristen Race, PhD

    This course is created and presented by Dr. Kristen Race, PhD, a child psychologist and acclaimed author. Dr. Race received her PhD from the University of Denver. All of her programs are rooted in the science of the brain with influences from the fields of mindfulness and positive psychology. Mindful Life’s programming, and Dr. Race's work, is designed to improve brain function and brain development in adults and children, by building resiliency to modern day stressors through an understanding of the stress response in the brain and the incorporation of simple mindfulness solutions.

    The Mindfulness for Medical Professionals Course Gives You the Tools

    • Boost attention and performance using mindfulness training exercises
    • Understand why each mindfulness skill will enhance brain functioning
    • Use mindfulness activities to help patients, and yourself, manage difficult emotions
    • Help patients foster grit, resilience and, develop a growth mindset with simple mindfulness exercises

    Target Audience

    Medical Professionals who are busy. This course is specifically designed for you! Bite-sized mindfulness activities set and designed to integrate into your already busy life. We have already put together the scripts to use with your patients, practices for you, videos explaining, and more.

    Medical Professionals who want to grow and learn a bit. Each course contains a short video, a mindfulness activity based on brain science, and an activity you can work on with your students. They are short and easy to integrate into your daily life. Medical Professionals looking to calm down amidst the chaos. That is one of the goals of this course. We are going to work with you to help train your brain so you no longer feel overwhelmed when the going gets tough.

    The Course Includes

    • Five-minute video demonstration of the lesson
    • Specific scripts and lessons for your patients to help you explain learn some of what is going on that is causing burnout as well as how to once again find joy in practicing medicine.
    • Recommendations on how to spend less than 10 minutes a day to implement each mindfulness activity
    • Personal wellness practices for you, the Medical Professionals
    • Already completed letters and exercises to send home with your patients for integrating the mindfulness practices at home
    • Access to CME Credits

    Features /Specs

    • 8.5 ANCC contact hours and 8.5 AMA PRA Category 1.5 Credits are available
    • Opening Webinar
    • 7 pre-recorded modules
    • 7-week online course
    • Exercises specific for your patients




    100% Satisfaction guarantee. If you run through the exercises and modules and don't see any results, email us within 30-days of purchase and we will give you a full refund.

    Return Policy

    30-day return

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    Contact Mindful Life™ online.

    Where to Purchase

    Use the Secure Order Form at Mindful Life™

    Delivery Format

    We deliver the course directly to your inbox.

    This content is delivered weekly in seven modules that are available in video and audio format, as well as PDF transcripts for easy consumption and individualized learning preferences. The seven modules are short – each only about 10-12 minutes in length. The course also has a brief, 18-minute opening webinar to provide an overview of the science behind all of Dr. Race's work, and prepare participants for what is to come in the following seven weeks. Participants also receive an interactive discussion guide to help develop a collaborative, accountable experience within an organization during the course, and suggestions for patients as well.



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