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  • Bionix Shot BlockerⓇ

    The Bionix Shot BlockerⓇ takes the pain out of injections. It is a simple, easy to use, disposable device that alters the sensory perception right at the injection site so that Nurses and other healthcare colleagues can administer a pain-free injection to both pediatric and adult patients.

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    • Telephone Number: 1-800-551-0796

    Nurses, do you wish there was a way to decrease the pain your patients experience with injections? The Bionix Shot BlockerⓇ instantly reduces needle pain at the injection site. The blunt contact points of the Shot BlockerⓇ saturate sensory signals around the injections site, creating a distraction to the nerves. The disposable design minimizes cross-contamination.

    The Shot BlockerⓇ has been created for both intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. It is perfect for use in the arm, hip, or thigh. Use it for both pediatric and adult patients to decrease the pain felt during injections.

    About the Company

    For more than 33 years, Bionix Development Corporation has been focused on "going beyond". They are a quality driven, service oriented multinational company committed to acquiring, developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative medical solutions to make your job easier. Bionix Development Corporations strives to improve the lives of patients through better health and personal care.

    Quick Recap

    • Instantly reduces needle pain
    • Blunt contact points saturate sensory signals around the injection site
    • Generates instant distraction
    • Disposable
    • Use with intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
    • Use for adults and pediatrics


    Injections are painful. No one enjoys receiving or giving injections. The Bionix Shot BlockerⓇ can change this. You can give injections to your patients knowing they will have decreased pain instantly. Once you have given the injection, just throw away the Shot BlockerⓇ to keep cross-contamination to a minimum.

    Product Details/Specs

    The Shot BlockerⓇ uses the Gate Theory of Pain management by saturating sensory signals around the injection site.


    • Contact points create an immediate distracting effect
    • No wait time
    • Use for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
    • Easy to use
    • Simple design
    • Single-patient use reduces the risk of cross-contamination


    $5.99 for one at Bionix Health at Home. If you are in need of a large quantity of the Bionix Shot BlockerⓇ, you can request a price quote by completing the form online.

    Promos and Offers

    Bionix sells to organizations and you can obtain a quote by completing a form online. If you want to purchase this product for personal use at home, you can buy the Shot BlockerⓇ directly at Bionix Health at Home. You can also purchase this from other retailers. Be sure to shop around to get the best pricing possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Shot BlockerⓇ work?Shot BlockerⓇ uses the Gate Control Theory of Pain Management to decrease pain at the injection site. This theory states that there are gating mechanisms in the spinal cord that controls pain. When this gate is open, pain signals are sent to the small fibers in the brain and pain is felt. If you can keep this gating system closed, pain will not be felt. The Shot BlockerⓇ stimulates the nerve fibers around the injection site, blocking the normal pain gates to open.
    What is the added cost to injection procedures when using Shot BlockerⓇ?Using the Shot BlockerⓇ will add about fifty cents per device to every injection.
    Is it possible to receive free samples of the Shot BlockerⓇ?Yes, you can fill out the Request free sample form to obtain free samples..


    Contact Bionix Corporation directly for questions about the warranty on the Shot BlockerⓇ.

    Return Policy

    Contact Customer Service for all returns.

    Contact Information

    You can speak with a Customer Service Representative by calling 1-800-551-0796. If you prefer email, you can send your question to customerfeedback@bionix.com.

    What Comes in the Box

    Depending on the purchase order, the product arrives in single-use packages or boxes of 50 or 100.