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Bridging the gap between complementary and conventional medicine, Soothing Scents QueaseEASE can ease the nausea experienced by patients in post-operative situations, women during pregnancy, patients during chemotherapy, and those with motion sickness.

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Soothing Scents QueaseEASE aromatic inhaler is a natural alternative to medicines in alleviating nausea without any unwanted side effects for patients. Whether the nausea is related to chemotherapy, pregnancy, postoperatively, or motion sickness, QueaseEASE can help. QueaseEASE is 100% natural and is a blend of essential oils. The blend of essential oils consists of peppermint, lavender, ginger, and spearmint creating a relaxing aroma. QueaseEASE is inhaled therefore working immediately and is non-drowsy. According to the Soothing Scents website, this product is safe for pregnant women and people of all ages. QueaseEASE was developed based on medical research and natural remedies. In fact, over 1,000 healthcare facilities in America use it.

How it Works

The essential oils in the Soothing Scents QueaseEASE interfere with the nausea cycle in the brain by stimulating a complex neurological process. The oils also have "anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anxiolytics properties", that work on the stomach. As a result, the stomach can settle down and restore normal function. Since the essential oils are inhaled the results are immediate, unlike medications. The oils travel through the nose straight to the brain and the olfactory receptors quickly react.

How it Started

According to the Soothing Scents website, the company was founded on the question of "How can one ease the discomfort experienced by patients in post-operative situations?" This question was asked by Wendy Nichols, a nurse anesthetist, in 2004. Wendy founded Soothing Scents and developed QueaseEASE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the product last? Each tube of the aromatic inhaler can last up to 6 months with regular usage. The Quick Tabs can last up to 72 hours.
Where do you source your essential oils? According to the website, the company keeps this as a secret but reports that they spent almost a year conducting research and meeting with suppliers.
I have allergies. Can I use Soothing Scents? Since the essential oils in the Soothing Scents products are inhaled, it is rare to have an allergic reaction. The exception to this would be if you are allergic to one of the specific kinds of essential oils used.
I have a medical condition and am taking other medication. Can I still use Soothing Scents products? Will it interfere with medications? According to their website, Soothing Scents products should not interact with other medications and are safe for people to use who are pregnant or going through radiation and chemotherapy.
Are Soothing Scents products FDA approved? The essential oils in the products are recognized by FDA as safe to consume but do not require any additional regulations since they are not a drug.
How much is QueaseEASE? The Aromatic inhaler (tube style) sells for $17.50. The disposable QueaseEASE essential oil Quick Tabs are also available in bulk (see website for ordering information).

Where to Purchase QueaseEASE

  • You can also apply for a free starter kit if you qualify (see Soothing Scents website under the Medical tab)

Returns and Refunds

If purchases fail to meet expectations, we will refund your money. Please visit our Contact Page. If you desire an exchange or refund, please return within 30 days of purchase making certain the product is in like-new condition; with the original packaging.

To begin processing a return, request a "return authorization" by calling 1-888-393-7330.

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