Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t look like other smart phones. Including many added features, Samsung has redesigned the Galaxy S8 and provides the look and feel of a full-screen cinematic display with its sleek new over-flowing edges.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung redesigned their popular Galaxy phone with the idea of removing the constraints many phones suffer from. In doing so, they created a phone with a large screen that flows over the edges to create a seamless experience. The camera, security, durability and virtual reality functionality were all improved in the phone's new design. But the greatest software enhancement comes with the Bixby AI that allows you communicate with your phone in new ways.  

Just a Few Things that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Do...

  • Display images, videos, and information on a large curved edge screen
  • Capture your most exciting moments with great photos and 4K video
  • Protect your phone with iris scanning technology
  • Interact with virtual reality content by utilizing VR Gear (sold separately)
  • Communicate with your Galaxy using your voice with the new Bixby AI
Camera 8MP front/ 12MP rear
Exterior Color Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, Rose Pink
Operating System Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Processor Octa-core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor
Memory 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage 


On the first impression, it is easy to see the sleek design of the phone's edges. Samsung acknowledges in their product demonstration video that most consumers watch a wide variety of content on their phones. In order to better display that content, Samsung curved the edges while also making the phone easier to hold. While fingerprint technology has added convenience to unlocking your phone in the past few years, Samsung simplified the concept further with their iris scanning technology. The S8 also offers a high degree of durability, even packed in the sleek design. Regardless of what type of environment you use your phone, you will have less worry about damage from water or dust. According to the company's tests, the phone can withstand spending 30 minutes submerged 1.5 meters deep in fresh water.     


Powering all of the functions of the S8 is a 10nm processor, which the company claims is the first of its kind. The results the new processor can create compared to the Galaxy S7 are quite impressive. While consuming 20% less power, the device utilizes a 10% more powerful CPU, making the phone faster than before. Plus, the GPU is 21% more capable than before, allowing for better gameplay on the device.

Expanding on their history of great cameras, the S8 delivers an 8mp front and 12mp rear camera. Both come equipped with "smart auto focus" to ensure the pictures you take are clear. You are even free to change the focus however you like, by drawing attention to nearby or distant objects in the frame. Video recordings will look better than ever with the camera’s 4K capabilities.

Dimensions 148.9mm x 68.1mm x 8.0mm
Weight 155g
Screen Size 5.8in

Among the most interesting new features on the S8 is Bixby. This AI, similar to competitors like Apple’s Siri, allows you to command your phone through voice. But Bixby is more than just a basic voice control AI. Samsung is advertising Bixby as a new level of intelligence, capable of identifying real-world items or places. By simply pointing your camera at something, Bixby can search for more product information, compare prices, or locate other relative information online. The same goes for locations, as Bixby can identify the name of a business or landmark when it sees it. Relatively speaking this is all information you could gather about products or places by searching online. However, users will soon see it is faster and more efficient to simply point your camera at something and receive the information instantly. 

The S8 also features a wealth of add-on products that produce even more functionality than you would expect from a phone. While the built-in camera is spectacular, you can also pick up a Gear 360 device for the S8 that allows you to record 360-degree video. There is also a virtual reality add-on, Gear VR, that opens up a wide range of gaming and entertainment opportunities. Plus, similar to some other competitors in the phone marketplace, Gear Fit2 can be purchased as a wrist watch to sync with your phone and track your activity. Possibly the most impressive add-on is the Samsung DeX. This docking station style device allows you to plug your phone into a monitor (as well as a keyboard and mouse) to create a "desktop experience", all using the software and files on your phone.   

Dimensions 159.5mm x 73.4mm x 8.1mm
Weight 173g
Screen Size 6.2in


"Does the S8 offer any alternative security options to the iris scanner?" Yes. Like nearly all smartphones, the S8 can be unlocked via a pattern or digit code. It also offers fingerprint technology, so you can unlock your phone naturally by placing your finger on a scanner located on the back of the phone.
"There are a lot of Samsung Gear products available. Do I need to purchase any or will the phone work on its own?" While each Samsung Gear product adds functionality to the phone, none are required for the device to operate.

Offers and Promos

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