iProven Oral and Rectal Digital Thermometer DTR-1221

The iProven Oral and Rectal Digital Thermometer DTR-1221 is easy and measures accurate 10 second readings, which makes this the best digital thermometer.

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iProven is a worldwide manufacturer of medical products, including their digital oral and rectal thermometer. The company's products are commonly sold nearly exclusively on Amazon. With many industry thermometers utilizing readings from the ear, iProven’s oral and rectal thermometer takes the reading the old fashion way. With all of the features built into the device, as well as the affordable price point, the iProven oral thermometer is a great alternative to a standard ear thermometer.      

What can the iProven Digital Thermometer do?

  • Fast and accurate readings
  • Memory of previous temperatureQuiet beep
  • Flexible and waterproof
  • Oral and rectal readings


iProven refers to their digital thermometer as "The Fast One" due its 12-second reading time. In this span of time the thermometer is inserted and begins generating the reading. The oral reading is also great for both children and adults.

In the event the thermometer recognizes you are running a fever, it will even inform you so. A system of three different smiley faces indicate how you are doing. If the fever is running high (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) an alarm will also sound on the thermometer. This alarm is loud enough for the user to hear, but quiet enough to not wake anyone else in your house.


The iProven thermometer also offers a memory feature that displays the last temperature that was taken with the device. Similar to other oral and ear thermometers this allows you to track the progress of your fever.

On the tip of of the iProven thermometer is a flexible, bendy end. This allows the product to reach comfortably into your mouth. It is also washable, so it does not require a removable cover like other ear thermometers. Simply insert the thermometer into your mouth, take the temperature, and then wash it off.  

The accuracy is up to 1/10 degree.

Probe Cover Type None (washable)
Temperature Location Mouth and Rectum
Temperature Units Fahrenheit and Celsius
Temperature Type Oral and Rectal
Digital Yes
Response Time Ten (10) seconds
Waterproof Yes
Battery Type LR41 battery
Number of Batteries Required One (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most non-digital oral thermometers contain mercury, what about this one? No. All digital thermometers do not have mercury.
Is there any way to use a disposable replacement cover for this product? For those not interested in, or not trusting of, simply washing the thermometer, a disposable replacement is compatible and made by a third party. This sleeve-like system covers the thermometer and can be disposed of after use.


100-day satisfaction money-back guarantee


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