Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is the world's smallest, most powerful and most comfortable stethoscope designed today.

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Not An Ordinary Stethoscope

The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope does not look like your ordinary stethoscope. Rather, it is just the electronic component with earbuds or headphones attached. Assembled in the US of some imported and some domestically manufactured parts, it is one of the newest electronic stethoscopes. Wearing the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is much different than the traditional stethoscope style. The options include using the included earbuds and draping them around your neck, carrying the stethoscope, headphones/earbuds in your pocket and some users use a fabric sleeve to encompass the headphone/earbud cables giving them a more personalized look. One of the most innovative uses for this stethoscope is in bio-containment units or working with isolation patients. Thinklabs One's unique stethoscope design allows healthcare workers to perform auscultation while being protected in an isolation environment, and can be used with protective covers in the ED to reduce contamination when pre-screening admissions. It can be used directly using earbuds or headphones, via Bluetooth transmitters within the isolation room or to a consultant outside the room, connected to a loudspeaker, or send sounds via email or instant messaging on iPhone or iPad.


  • Very lightweight
  • Used often by hearing impaired individuals
  • Battery life is estimated at about 5 hours of continuous use. This will probably call for charging about once or maybe twice a week
  • Clean with alcohol or cavicide
  • High quality earbuds are included
  • Can use your own earbuds provided you can obtain a good seal

Features - What’s in the box?

  • Thinklabs studio-quality in-ear headphones with small, medium, and large sized tips
  • Thinklink audio connection, which links your stethoscope to smartphones, tablets and computers
  • 3.5mm Male to Male connection cable, 85 cm (34")
  • 3.5mm Male to Male connection cable, 7.5 cm (3")
  • 3.5mm Male to Female headphone adaptor
  • USB-style travel charger (100-240V)
  • USB to 3.5mm charger cable
  • Pocket carrying case
  • Quick Reference Guide


  • Diaphragm is 46mm wide
  • Stethoscope probe is 28mm high


The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope can be connected to an external Bluetooth transmitter via a short cable. The Bluetooth transmitter can then be paired with Bluetooth devices, like wireless headphones or speakers.  Note that the transmitter cannot be paired with smartphones or tablets, only with listening devices such as headphones and loudspeakers. With a headphone splitter, you can connect 2-3 users together in order to listen to the same sound.


Thinklabs - $499

Allheart - $499.98

Warranty/Return Policy

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the user’s manual? The user manual is online at Thinklabs.
Can I use external headphones with the One? Yes, the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is designed for that. Most headphones have plugs that will fit directly into the jack. If your headphones have a fat plug, there is a small extender cable that allows you to connect that to the stethoscope.
What is the amplification of the One? Amplification is more than 100x that of a conventional stethoscope. This number is approximate but per the manufacturer the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is "really, really loud."


The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is different from any other stethoscope on the market. It blends technology with ease of use and is patient and clinician friendly. There is a learning curve involved with this stethoscope but once learned is comfortable and quickly learned.

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