Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5 Ear Thermometer

The Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5 Ear Thermometer is the #1 tympanic membrane thermometer recommended by Pediatricians. The Thermoscan 5 quickly and gently measures body temperature with professional accuracy.

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Braun manufactures what they refer to as "the thermometer brand doctors recommend the most." The company delivers on these claims with the Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5, an ear thermometer with some interesting features that have helped the device gain its popularity.  

What can the Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5 Ear Thermometer do?

  • Patented pre-warmed tips
  • Memory for storing last temperature
  • Designed for a high degree of accuracy
  • BPA free


Braun points out that their thermometers deliver a high degree of accuracy and are amongst the best in the industry, thus why they are the most popular in clinics. It is common knowledge that oral thermometers do not give as accurate of a reading as ear thermometers due to the increased number of variables that can flaw the reading. Temple thermometers also suffer from the same inaccuracies as their oral counterparts, making an ear thermometer like the ThermoScanⓇ 5 an ideal choice.

While the ThermoScanⓇ 5 is designed for both children and adults, it caters well to small children. The device is BPA-free meaning it's safe for infants because it does not use the potentially dangerous plastic Bisphenol-A chemical that commonly affects infants.


A unique patented feature found in Braun thermometers is the pre-warmed tip. This feature "minimizes the cooling effect on the ear canal that can result from using room-temperature tips." Unlike comparable ear thermometers, the Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5 Ear Thermometer has increased accuracy by standardizing the tip temperature.

Another perk for those using the thermometer on children is the device's indicator features. When taking a temperature, the thermometer will beep and flash a light to indicate the device is correctly inserted.

Like many similar ear thermometers, the Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5 recalls the previous temperature reading before you take your next temperature. This makes it easy to compare the current temperature to the previous one.

Dimensions 1.5" x 1.9” x 5.8"
Weight 6.02 ounces
Batteries Uses one AAA

What’s in the Box

Braun ThermoScanⓇ 5 Ear Thermometer

Protective case

Lens filters


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the thermometer without a lens filter? For single household uses, some customers may feel they can simply use the thermometer without the filters because they are the only intended user of their thermometer. However, this is still unsanitary, and Braun has put in place a safety feature to prevent the thermometer from functioning without a filter.
Is the display backlit? No there is not a backlight on the display, so you will not see anything in the dark.​


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