Acer Chromebase 24

The Acer Chromebase 24 features a full HD webcam, dramatic crystal-clear images, 2 built-in front speakers, nearly 24 inch diagonal screen, and 10-point multi-touch technology; just a few of the superb features of this very intuitive PC.

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What can the Acer Chromebase 24 do?

Acer Chromebase Wide Viewing

Desktop computers have regularly used exclusively Windows or Mac software. Recently the rising popularity in the Chrome OS (created by Google) has brought about an entirely new style of computers. Acer in particular has created a number of these Chromebook laptops and Chromebase desktops. While many of these Chromebooks are low-cost alternatives, the Acer Chromebase 24 is the company’s high-end offering to fulfill all of your desktop needs. The Chromebase 24 is a premium device with unique and powerful features.     

  • Large, near 24-inch, full HD screen
  • 10-point touch screen
  • Lightning fast for a wide variety of tasks
  • High quality webcam and microphone for video chat
  • Simple and easy to learn user interface


The Chromebase is one of the fastest computers on the market, and arguably the fastest at its price point. With a top-tier Intel i7 processor and the lightning-fast Chrome OS installed, the desktop is a combination of speedy components and software. Plus, the device is extremely secure, with built in security protection and frequent updates.

Those who are looking to purchase a large number of computers for their business or employment will also find the Chromebase to be a great option. With Google Management Console, it is easy to perform administrative actions on thousands of Chromebases at once. The device’s large screen can also help it function as a digital sign or kiosk for in your business as well.    

Dimensions Dimensions: 22.9" x 1.4" x 15.8"
Weight 22.23 pounds
Screen Size 23.8"
Exterior Color Black
Operating System Chrome OS
Processor Intel i7 3.0GHz
Memory 32GB Storage, 8GB RAM


It is immediately clear that the Chromebase is all about screen. At nearly 24 inches diagonally, the screen gives you enough space to do a variety of tasks on the device. The 10-point touch screen helps too, making the Chromebase easy to maneuver in a way that is so precise the screen can accept input from all ten of your fingers at once.

You will not have to cram your neck to look at the screen either. With the ability to be wall mounted, or tilted at a -5 to 30 degree angle, there is a viewing angle that will work in any environment. The same goes for the sides where a 178 degree viewing angle is available.

The way you see yourself on the screen is also great with the HD webcam. This webcam can be adjusted horizontally to angles separate from the screen. Chromebase is built to be a great device for those who want to video conference or Skype with its four mics and two speakers.

Not only does the Chromebase have a great screen, it has a great operating system. While many users are accustomed to the Windows and Mac operating systems, the Chromebase uses Google’s operating system. The platform is built heavily on internet connectivity and cloud storage. In essence, the Chromebase uses a large selection of web applications, which means it only has limited access to some popular software. You will want to ensure any necessary software is compatible with the Chrome OS before deciding if the device is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Chromebase include a keyboard and mouse? It does include a keyboard and a mouse so you will not need to buy another.
Does the Chromebase have USB ports or a CD Drive? The computer has 4 total USB ports. Three of them use the newer 3.0 style while one of the ports uses the older 2.0 style. However, there is not a CD Drive.

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