IVEA Mobility

IVEA Mobility is the new Nursing creation that will revolutionize patient ambulation. Firefly Medical's IVEA consolidates medical equipment utilized in patient care conveniently on one stable platform thus reducing the patient's as well as the Nurse's risk for injury.

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Designed by Nurses for Nurses

Nurses commonly struggle with ambulating patients who have multiple pieces of equipment to drag along. IVEA recognized this problem and took action by creating an improved patient ambulation device. The IVEA completely replaces the standard IV pole, both when moving and at the bedside. With an IVEA, hospitals can improve their patient satisfaction and make ambulating patients easier for nurses.  

What can the IVEA do?

  • Simplify the ambulation of patients
  • Allow for more freedom of movement by the patient
  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Reduce risk of patient and caregiver injury
Dimensions Folded 12.6 in x 13 in x 50.3 in (320 mm x 330 mm x 1280 mm)
Dimensions Unfolded 46.8-84 in x 27.5 in x 28.7-38 in (1190-2140 mm x 700 mm x 730-970 mm)
Height of Handle Grips 34.6-38 in (880-970 mm)
Weight 29.5 lbs (13 kg)


With the IVEA Mobility, it makes it easier and safer for a single nurse to ambulate a patient by allowing all necessary equipment to be placed on a single device. Now IVs, infusion pumps, oxygen tanks, chest tubes, catheters, drainage devices, PCAs, and feeding tubes can all be attached to the IVEA and transported comfortably and safely. The self-standing and easy rolling IVEA is also safe because it is difficult to tip over with its triangular design.  

As the founder and chairman of Firefly Medical points out, the device is intended to improve patient and nurse satisfaction. Patients now have improved mobility and nurses will find it is easier to ambulate patients without additional assistance. The company also cites a reduced risk of falls for patients as a cost savings expenditure associated with the device.  


The IVEA is an adjustable IV pole offering 4-hook IV support and comes equipped with all of the features necessary to make moving a patient simple. A wide stable V-base, tight turning radius, and locking height-adjustable handles help to provide safe ambulation with a natural gait and proper posture. Sturdy casters which lock independently and roll easily over bumps and gaps add to ensuring safe mobility. 

Other features provide healthcare professionals ease in operation such as a screen location conveniently placed on the front of the IVEA and angled to make it easier to see. There are even placement locations to keep cords and tubes organized as well as color-coded touch points for easy one-handed functions.

Transporting and storing the IVEA, even when not in use, is also quite easy. With the ability to fold up into a linear shape, the IVEA can then easily be rolled behind a single person in the same way you would move a suitcase, and can be stored under a bed. It can go in and out of storage this way, and when ready for use, it blooms up at the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can the IVEA really save my clinic and reduce healthcare costs? This entirely depends on the size of your clinic and the number of patients you have. However, estimates supplied by Firefly Medical look quite positive. They estimate for every 1000 patients admitted, the increased safety the device provides could offer $55,400 in savings due to prevented patient falls. On the other hand, the IVEA keeps caregivers safer too, indicating $49,600 can be saved in a 250-bed hospital.
Are there any patient age requirements? The IVEA is great for children as young as 8 years old. This creates opportunities to use the device with both children and adults. Firefly Medical outlines that patients using IVEA should, at minimum, be four and half feet tall. 
What are the price ranges for the IVEA? You can contact customer service at 1-970-472-5323 and speak with a sales representative.
What is IVEA?

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