Acer C740 Chromebook

The Acer C740 Chromebook, with lightning-fast speed, will accommodate the very busy student to the most novice of users. The affordability of this laptop along with its light weight makes the C740 a solid best-seller.

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What can the Acer Chromebook do?

Acer is a popular manufacturer of many computers, particularly Chromebook laptops. Their best-selling Chromebook model is actually one of their least expensive options, the C740. Despite the no-frills name and low price point ($250 MSRP and even lower if purchased on Amazon) the C740 still offers many great features that would satisfy those looking to surf the web or do school work. While not using the Windows or Mac operating system, the Chrome OS that comes on this computer is easy to use and lightning fast.    

  • Offer a laptop experience for the price of a tablet
  • Move quickly on the lightweight Chrome OS
  • Improved battery life and durability
  • Great for those who want a simple laptop experience or a dedicated device for school
Dimensions 11.34 x 8.03 x 0.79
Weight 2.87 pounds
Screen Size 11.6"
Exterior Color Black
Operating System Chrome OS
Processor Intel Celeron
Memory 4GB RAM, 16GB Storage


This is not the first Chromebook Acer has released, however in many regards they believe it is their best low-cost option. The best-selling C740 has an improved battery life over the predecessors in its line. Additionally, the casing on the computer, including the way it folds open, is more functional and durable than ever.   


The C740 is built for speed. But if you know much about computer specs, the Chromebook seems to be lacking in many regards when compared to a conventional Windows or Mac laptop. Storage space, processing power, and RAM is lacking, all allowing for a lower priced computer. But you will be surprised to learn speed was not compromised either, in fact the laptop turns on in just 7 seconds.

Operating on the Chrome OS, the C740 can run extremely well even on what seems like limited specs. This is because the Chrome OS is built for speed as it functions in a lightweight manner. Almost all applications on the C740 are run through the web browser, creating a faster experience because there are fewer programs to take up valuable processing speed. After all, most consumers use their laptops primarily to access the internet. The C740 cleans up the clutter and gives you just what you need with fast speed at an affordable price.

For a computer that relies heavily on internet connection, it is important that Wifi speeds are up to par. Acer went big on the wireless connectivity in the C740 with 802.11ac which is three times faster than the Wifi connectivity speed found in most laptops. Even when you are not online, you still will be able to edit documents and access some other features that will re-sync once you connect to Wifi again.  


Why is the internal memory only 16GB or 32GB? Due to the devices online focus, the Chromebook is not built for downloading many files. Rather it is intended to use cloud storage for its files on Google Drive. This helps eliminate clutter on the device so that it can function faster.
Can I use a larger screen? The 11.6" is rather small. The C740 has an HDMI output, allowing it to easily plug into another monitor or HD TV. So, while you are on the go, you can use the laptop's screen and when at home or work you can use a larger screen if you choose by plugging it in with the HDMI port.  

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