Galaxy Gear S3 Watch

With built-in GPS and a host of features, the Galaxy Gear S3 Watch enables you to send texts, make calls, and email - all without your phone. Whether you are an avid runner or busy in the office, the S3 Watch keeps you "on the map".

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What can the Galaxy Gear S3 do?

The increasing popularity of smartwatches and their new features has made this the most appealing time yet to own such a useful technology-packed watch. Samsung's Galaxy Gear S3 is so much more than a watch, it is even a feasible replacement for your phone. Available as either 4G LTE or Bluetooth enabled, the watch can send texts, make calls, and receive emails all without your phone. The Gear S3 is made to conveniently fit into the lifestyle of a wide variety of users each with their own unique interests, and thus the device has lots of customization options.   

  • Function with or without your phone
  • Pay with your watch
  • Exercise and stay on track with built in maps
  • App compatible
  • Works with all phones, even iPhones


A watch would not be useful if it was always running low on battery; due to the complexity of smartwatches, they need to frequently be recharged. However, Samsung boasts their battery can run for three days on a single charge, which is an improvement over their competitors. When your battery does get low, you can even charge the watch in its wireless charging station.

Samsung created two unique watch designs that each apply to their own target audiences. While the functionality of both the Classic and Frontier model are the same, their styles are unique. The modern style of the Classic model is perfect for those who want to give their watch a professional look. For the Frontier, the design is intended to be more rugged for those who are interested in using it for adventuring in the outdoors. Each also has a wide selection of watch straps to go along with them.     

Dimensions 46mm x 49mm x 12.9mm
Weight 2.1-ounce w/o band
Screen Size 1.3"
Battery 380mAh Li-ion
Exterior Colors Dark, Grey, Silver
Operating System Tizen 2.3.2
Memory 4GB Internal Memory


Samsung designed the Gear S3 to be a potential substitute for your phone. There are many situations where your phone may be too bulky, or you simply do not have anywhere to put it, however, the Gear S3 will still keep you connected. With 4G LTE and its own mobile data plan, the watch can send and receive texts and calls, as well as emails and other notifications. For those who always keep their phone by their side, you can also purchase a less expensive Bluetooth model that does not require a data plan. However, it will only receive information by relying on your phone’s cell connection, and thus will need to be in reasonable range of your phone. 

The Gear S3 manages to give you reason to leave not only your phone, but your wallet at home as well. With Samsung Pay built into the watch, you can make payments at a wide variety of places all without your wallet or phone.

A smartwatch would not be complete without offering health and fitness features. The Gear S3 offers users access to a slew of features geared towards helping them better understand their workout and to help them continue improving to be their best. Those who like getting out and exploring new areas will find it useful that the watch even comes equipped with a GPS map to help you find your way.

Even more great features are available for users of the Gear S3 by downloading additional apps. You can get rides with Uber, make reservations with Yelp, control your smart home with Nest, and so much more right from your phone. Thousands of other apps are also available, each offering their own unique functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gear S3 waterproof? It is to some extent. It can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. Any deeper in the water, or for any longer duration of time, risks serious damage. For those looking to use their smartwatch for swimming, the Apple Watch provides a better option as it can be safely submerged deeper. 
What limitations come with using the Gear S3 on an Apple device? According to the Samsung website, the Gear S3 works best on Samsung’s phones, however, it is fully compatible with all other Android phones. iOS devices are a bit different and the company lists that Apple users will not be able to use email or Samsung Pay on their watches. There will also be limited functionality with texting, app compatibility, S Health, and watch face customization. Samsung does not disclose the exact degree of these limitations for their Apple users.

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