Google Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 is Google’s latest iteration of their Pixel design, a phone whose camera outshines its competition. Pixel 2 is Google’s next flagship phone that only Google could make.

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Quick Recap

  • Unlimited Photos/Videos Storage
  • Power of Google Assistant - Just squeeze phone
  • Blazing Fast Speeds - thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor
  • Fast Charging - 7 hours in as little as 15 minutes

A Camera So Good You Have To See It To Believe It

Pixel 2 is the next best thing for camera phone lovers. With an 8MP front-facing camera and a 12.2MP rear-facing camera with laser autofocus, you are guaranteed to take sharp, high-quality pictures and video with vibrant color. Not only will your daylight pictures come out clean and detailed but also your night pictures because the Pixel 2 has a f/1.8 aperture, which is excellent for low light image/video taking.

Since this is a Google phone you are offered free, unlimited original-quality storage for all your photos and videos. That’s right, unlimited storage, that's a lot of pictures. The camera also allows you to use Google Lens, a Google photo-based search tool, to look up anything that you see in your day including books, movies, albums, artwork, and landmarks.

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Operating System Android 8.0.0, Oreo
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage 64GB or 128GB
Rear camera 12.2MP
Front camera 8MP
Video 1080p
Bluetooth  5.0
Battery 2700mAh
Screen 5-inch, 1920x1080 AMOLED
Size 5.7 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
Weight 143 grams
Colors Black, Clearly White, Kinda Blue

The Power of Google In Your Hands

The Pixel 2 being a Google phone gives you access to Google Assistant, Google’s voice commanded help. With Google Assistant you have the power of the Google Search Engine on your phone without ever having to leave the app that you are currently using.  All you have to do is squeeze the phone’s new “Active Edge” or say “Ok Google.” Google Assistant can help you: find the name of songs that you hear on the radio, translate foreign languages, keep up with current events, look up the weather or traffic patterns, or look up anything you would like to know.


Pixel 2 is the latest Google phone and with that comes updated hardware. Achieve blazing fast speeds on the Pixel 2 thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor. On top of that, the phone also has 4GB of ram and 64GB/128GB of storage so you can download all the apps, music, pdfs, and movies that you want. The front-facing speakers will fill your ears with high definition and distortion free audio. Pixel 2’s 5.0 in a cinematic display with a 16:9 ratio can show images in 1920x1080 resolution with 441ppi(pixels per inch). The screen is 5.7 x 2.7 in of 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The charge will last a long time; the phone comes with a 2700 mAh battery that offers 7 hours of use with only 15 minutes of charging. With all this power you would want to make sure that your phone is safe from falls and water.  Well guess what? The Pixel 2 has a water and dust resistant (IP67 rating) aluminum unibody.

A new feature of the Pixel 2 not previously on the Pixel is the active edge. The “Active Edge” is a feature that adds squeezable sides to the phone that allows you to pull up the Google Assistant without having to miss a beat, just squeeze the phone, and Google Assistant will respond instantly.

For only $649 or monthly payments of $27.04 for 24 months, you can get your hands on the Pixel 2 and change the way you take photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pixel 2 offer a larger version? The Pixel 2 XL is the larger version of the Pixel 2 with a 6.2 x 3.0 in screen and 3520 mAh battery, which you can get for only an extra $200.
Does the Pixel 2 have a 3.5mm headphone jack? With the Pixel 2, Google has decided to rid of the 3.5mm jack in favor of a more streamlined design.
What carriers are available for users of the Pixel 2? You can buy the phone unlocked or under Verizon wireless(sim card included).

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