Google Pixel Buds

The Pixel Buds are Google’s first entry into the world of headphones. They are bringing an innovative new use for headphones/earbuds. The Pixel buds are a pair of earbuds that can translate any language in real time!

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Google Pixel Buds Closeup Quick Recap

  • Cool real time universal translator
  • Power of Google in your ears - Just Ask.
  • Crystal clear sound
  • 5 Hours of battery life
  • 24 Hours charging case included

Translation is Just an Earshot Away

Google is taking a step up in the headphone world and bringing something new to the table. Real time translation. Not only can you listen to music with the Pixel Buds but you can now experience real time translation of most languages in the world.

That means that you can talk to someone who speaks a language you don’t understand and get a translation without having to use an English to (insert another language here) dictionary or your phone to look it up.

Not only does it translate what other people say but it can also teach you how to respond to whatever they say by feeding the words right into your ear. You can learn Spanish, French, Japanese, and more with your Pixel phone.

USB-C™ for charging
Battery: Earbuds: 120mAh; Up to 5 hours
Charging Case: 620mAh; Up to 24 hours
Ports & Connectors
Capacitive touchpad

The Power of Google In Your Ears

The Pixel Buds being a Google product gives you access to Google Assistant, Google’s voice commanded help. With Google Assistant you have the power of the Google Search Engine in your ear.

All you have to do is press your finger on the side of the right earbud and voila, Google Assistant will be ready to assist. Answers directly to you without ever having to pull your phone out or stop what you are currently doing.

Google Assistant can help you: make phone calls or send messages, find the name of songs that you hear on the radio, translate foreign languages, keep up with current events, look up the weather, traffic patterns, or look up anything you would like to know. You can also edit your calendars, manage to-do lists, or take notes down.

Google Assistant is your everyday help, it’s almost like having a butler, almost.

Google Pixel Buds Charging Case


The Pixel Buds aren’t just your run of the mill earbuds; you can expect some punch from these little guys. Google has made the headphones with crystal clear sound in mind for its audiophiles. You can expect vibrant music when you’re not taking advantage of the translation feature and expect your mic to capture your voice and your voice only, no background sound will leak into the microphone.

Since the Pixel Buds are Bluetooth headphones you can use them without an auxiliary cable to connect to your phone, this is especially useful for the people who bought phones without a 3.5mm jack. That means that if you need to move away from your source of music then you are free to do just that since you are not tethered to your phone. You can also manage your audio with just a touch of your finger. Just tap to play and pause and swipe to change tracks if you don’t want a song to linger. It’s that easy.

The Pixel Buds are wireless headphones but use a USB-C connection for charging, so if you carry a phone with USB-C charging you will only need one cable. The earbuds provide fast-charging capabilities. The battery lasts up to 5 hours but with the charging case you will have up to 24 hours of charge.

The Pixel buds were made with the Google Pixel phone as the companion, so expect unique features to be available if you purchase both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Pixel to take full advantage of the Pixel Buds? In order to use the real time translation you would need to have the Google Pixel but everything else is available to people who have phones running on Android 6.0.0 Marshmallow or ios 10.0.0.
Do the Pixel Buds come with a charging case? The Pixel Buds come with a charging case that is capable of holding multiple charges so that you can total up to 24 hours of listening time.


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