Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Tablet)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 provides beautiful, colorful images with amazing HDR video playback capabilities. This tablet is perfect for the student as well as the most competitive gamer or first-time user.

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What can the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 do?

Samsung has advertised the Galaxy Tab S3 as the ideal companion for any college student looking to "master lectures." The device also is useful for even those who will not be headed to a campus this semester. With a near 10-inch screen, the Tab S3 simply allows you to do much more than your phone can, while maneuvering it easier than your laptop.   

  • Bring ideas to life with the S Pen
  • Get a near laptop experience with the detachable keyboard
  • Play media with better sound and display than ever before
  • Charge quickly while having a long battery life
  • Sync information with your phone


Samsung’s commercials for the Tab S3 sums the device up perfectly. The student sits in class relaxed, taking notes using the S Pen, while their classmates struggle with their laptops and paper. In this way, the Tab S3 really is built for college. Outside the classroom, it offers a great way to express yourself creatively with the S Pen. Plus, the battery will last longer than most laptops, with 12-hour usage time per charge. Better yet, it only takes about three hours to get the tablet fully charged. 

Dimensions 9.34"x6.65"x0.24"
Weight 0.95 pounds
Screen Size 9.7"
Camera 13MP rear, 5MP front
Color Black
Operating System Android 7.0
Processor Quad Core (2.15 GHz + 1.6 GHz)
Memory 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage


Across all of Samsung’s product offerings is the S Pen. In the case of the Tab S3, Samsung felt the pen was so beneficial they included it in the box. The company believes the pen brings "true-to-life" pressure and angle sensitivity while never needing to be charged. This provides a massive upgrade over cheaper plastic stylus'.

Unlike the S Pen, the detachable keyboard is sold separately. While the over 100-dollar price tag for a keyboard may seem steep, the add-on greatly improves the tablet's functionality. Unlike some cheaper keyboards, this one is built to be user friendly, with gaps between each key. It also connects instantly to the tablet for easy setup.

Not only is the nearly 10-inch screen easier to view, its picture quality looks gorgeous. Samsung’s HDR video playback capabilities help put the video possible onto your screen. Plus, the audio sounds great too, thanks to their collaboration with AKG’s sound engineers. 

Those who have used any of Apple’s iPad and iPhone products in the past likely remember how well iOS could sync notifications between all of your devices. The same holds true now for Samsung with their Flow technology. Any messages or notifications you get on your Samsung phone can now be synced to your Tab S3 for the convenience of access. 


How well does the Tab S3 work for gaming? The Tab S3 is great for playing games on the go. Expect to see the same great graphics as on your phone, but on a significantly larger screen. If you buy mobile games, you will also want to take advantage of the special offers Samsung has in the Galaxy Apps section.
Does the Tab S3 have a built-in camera? Yes, however, Samsung does not put a significant amount of resources into advertising it. While the Tab S3 does have a 13MP rear camera with a 5MP front camera, this is practically the industry standard now that you would find on many phones. For that reason, the tablet's camera is unlikely to get much use. However, the front-facing camera is great for video chatting.

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