iPad Pro (2017)

Apple's iPad Pro Retina display offers so much with speeds that rival most PC laptops. Everything will be fast, smooth, sharp, and captivating.

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What can the iPad Pro do?

Apple’s iPad has been a popular tablet for some time. Now the iPad Pro takes the concept to new heights. Those who already use an iOS product will be right at home in the iPad’s new iOS11. Just like the rest of Apple’s product line, the iPad Pro comes with premium features, quality and protection. With a 10.5-inch screen, it will be small enough for you to take almost anywhere, and big enough to do handle even complicated tasks. 

  • Work quickly as the iPad Pro is more powerful than most PC laptops
  • View more on a 10.5-inch Retina display
  • Sync across all of your Apple products
  • Download over 1 million apps from Apple’s appstore
  • Control with accuracy using the Apple Pencil
Dimensions 9.8x6.8x0.24
Weight 1.03 pounds
Screen Size 10.5"
Camera 12MP rear, 7MP front
Exterior Color Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver
Operating System iOS11
Processor A10X Fusion Chip with 64-bit architecture
Memory 64GB, 256GB or 512GB


iPad Pro delivers everything you want in a laptop, but in an Apple device with an interface that mixes mobile and laptop usability. The A10X Fusion Chip the device is equipped with is stronger than most laptops. To this effect, the iPad Pro is versatile, able to perform both for your business or school work as well as your free time. The other clear benefit the Pro model has over its standard iPad counterpart is screen size. The Pro models screen is 10.5", making it 0.8" larger than the standard model.  


Not only is the iPad screen large, it is loaded with attributes that make it one of the best screens on the market. Using ProMotion technology, the Retina display supports an incredible 120HZ refresh rate. It is also brighter and more readable in all lighting conditions than ever before.

All of the internal features received improvements as well, even compared to the previous iPad Pro model. The battery is now 10-hours, the CPU is now 30% faster, and the graphic speed is now 40% faster.   

Like all of Apple’s recent devices, the iPad Pro comes packed with iOS11. Apple says the new software helps the device "get more done, more quickly and easily." A useful feature of the new OS is "Dock" that allows you to multitask easily by placing your most useful apps in a static window at the bottom of your home screen. You can also drag and drop to multitask, in a way almost similar to a computer. Plus, the new app switcher allows you to see a combination of apps you have multitasked with previously, a feature once again similar to Apple’s desktop devices. Just like with other Apple devices, your information will also sync across wherever your iCloud account is signed-in.    

The iPad Pro also has access to the wide array of app offerings on the appstore. 1.3 million apps are iPad compatible, so there something for everyone. Apple has also made there appstore the go-to place for augmented reality apps. Endless possibilities await you with augmented reality apps on your Pro.  


I heard there are other iPad models available. What are those like? Apple offers different iPad models that will appeal to different people. There is a 9.7" iPad that is not considered a Pro model. While cheaper, it also has inferior specs at almost every level. On the other hand, there is also a 12.9" iPad Pro model. With the same specs as the 10.5" iPad Pro, this model offers a larger screen and all of the same great features.
Is the Apple Pencil really worth $99? This entirely depends on if you believe you will use the device. For those who like sketching, or note taking in a paper like fashion, the Pencil would be great. If you do not intend to use the iPad for work or school, you may be better off without it. Regardless, it is significantly more expensive than the $30 S Pen that Samsung makes for their tablets. 

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