Samsung Chromebook Pro (laptop)

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is virtually capable of anything you can imagine. Fast and light weight, use it like a laptop, enjoy your favorite games, watch your favorite shows, and so much more.

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What can the Chromebook Pro do?

Chromebooks are popularly known to be barebones computers that offer limited functionality and great security when compared to many Windows computers. Samsung’s new Chromebook Pro changes this perception with the release of a high-end Chromebook with many features seen on premium laptops. Now the wise combination of tablet and laptop features come alive on the Chromebooks 12.3" display.    

  • Offer a tablet and laptop experience. All in one.
  • Utilize a pen for increased productivity
  • Work quickly on Chrome OS
  • Download Content from Google Play Store
  • Stay secure and safe while browsing
Dimensions 11.06 x 8.72 x 0.55
Weight 2.38 pounds
Screen Size 12.3"
Exterior Color Black
Operating System Chrome OS
Processor Intel Core m3
Memory 32GB Storage, 4GB RAM


The Chromebook Pro is built for portability. Samsung compares it to carrying a tablet as it has a metal body that is small and sleek. The 12.3" display may seem small, but it is just another factor that increases how easy it is to carry the Chromebook around. Plus, the display is not only stunning with Quad HD, its durable. The screen uses Gorilla Glass 3 which is similar to the tough protection found in some phones. 

Arguably among the greatest benefits for any Chrome OS laptop is the devices high degree of security. Unlike Windows, the Chrome OS is quite safe with frequent security updates. Samsung packages the Chromebook Pro with additional virus protection and allows for automatic updates to keep you safe online. 


One of the primary selling points for Samsung on this laptop has been the addition of the pen. Many computers do not come with pens (or at least not included in the box), and it opens a world of unique features. For those looking to draw or write on their computer, it could not be easier with the built-in pen on the Chromebook Pro.

You will find the Chromebook Pro to be lighting fast, even with its 2.2GHz processor speed. While this may seem like a small processor for a laptop, it fits perfectly with the Chrome OS. The operating system is quick and uses only the resources it needs. This creates both a fast experience and a lightweight computer.

Because the Chrome OS cannot utilize Windows or Mac software, it uses the Google Play store to access downloadable applications. Anyone familiar with Android phones will quickly be accustomed to the Google Play Store on Chromebook. The applications available are largely the same as you would access through your phone, however they can be used in a laptop environment with easier functionality. 


Will this Chromebook come with Microsoft Office software? No, as none of the Chrome OS devices are compatible with Windows software. However, the Chromebook is compatible with all of the Google Drive products that should more than cover your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation needs.
How well can this device play games? Because the Chromebook Pro does not run on Windows it can only play two types of games: either those that are played in your web browser online, or games that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. These would be the same games you play on most Android phones. In both of these cases, the built-in processor would be capable of playing the games without any issue.

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