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Procedure start time

Mytake Mytake (New) New

I am currently working at a facility where one doctor has a problem with the start time of procedure. And what I mean by this is he is an eye surgeon. And when he injects the eye is when I record his start time. He is very angry about this due to it makes it look like his surety takes an extra 10 minutes. Not sure why he is so offended. My question is what is the rule at your facilities?

At all 3 facilities I have worked at thus far in my career, procedure start is generally accepted as the time the when the surgeon cuts or injects local prior to incision, all after the timeout. Some cases I have done with podiatry, the podiatrist will sometimes inject a block once in the room, but we still don't count that as procedure start until they are scrubbed in, so we could make procedure start once they cut. For cases that they don't "cut" e.g. cysto cases, I use the time they insert the cystoscope as the start.

Ultimately, if that particular surgeon considers the time he injects as the procedure start, I wouldn't see an issue myself as using that time as long as the other "bases" are covered, e.g. time out complete, pt draped, surgeon in the room, etc.



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