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Probation questions


Have any of you on probation ever gotten your probation extended due to reasons like bad employer reports or a wasted narc error?  I had a wasted narc error - didn’t get a second signature back in aug - haven’t heard anything from the board and it was reported right after it happened.  And I was terminated in early November - nothing alcohol or drug related- it was poor performance- like being on phone too much and I also took a sandwich from a residents tray (she told me to take it since she only wanted her cereal for supper).   Before this all happened I had great employer reports for a whole year .  I’ve learned from my mistakes snd I surely won’t be making them again at my new job I’m now working at. I’m really hoping I haven’t  messed up my probation.  I’ve talked to 2 lawyers who think I won’t see anything come out of what happened but said if I do - I would get a hearing and to def hire a lawyer since that would be my only chance of staying on probation- said I might only get an extension on my probation.  I’m supposed to be off probation Oct 2021 .  I’m sure praying it stays that way.  I wish I hadn’t have messed up , I know it was stupid .   Im moving forward and going to be sure I do well at my new job.