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PRN Orientation time for LTACH

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Hello! Short summary, I am a LPN in Louisiana with 2 years of Med/Surg experience in 2009-2011...since 2011 I have worked hospice (home care and inpatient center.) I just accepted a PRN job at a local hospital on Med-Tele I'm not terribly worried about transitioning into. I have an interview for a LTACH facility as another PRN Position, they told me while setting up the interview that since it's PRN, I would only get 2 shifts orientation. I understand they can't give a PRN person a lot of orientation time since they need the coverage now. Any thoughts or opinions from seasoned LTACH-ers on how hard it would be to take this job on? I'm pretty quick to catch onto to things but it's been awhile outside of aucte care! I plan on asking more questions at the interview, but I wanted to get some feedback and/or experiences prior to going in! Thank you guys for any info!

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I got 5 shifts orientation. They'd better be good and prepared for lots of continued questions from you, because LTACH pts are sick and their care can be extremely complex.