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PRN NP - can I file for unemployment?


I work in employer based clinics - 2 different companies both as prn employee - W2. For 1, shifts have been cancelled due to shelter in place & companies closing - these are prescheduled shifts 2-3 months out. I do not have any shifts scheduled with the 2nd company but they are also cutting, this company is more of a last minute shift need.

Can I apply for unemployment? Normally or under the more flexible stimulus package? Live in Indiana.

waufah, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU,Tele,Interventional Radiology,PACU,Research. Has 14 years experience.

If you filed taxes last year,you will get the stimulus check from IRS,this has nothing to do with your employment status. You probably need a letter from your employers to explain they have no work for you due to COVID-19 but they hope to resume business after,you dont have to quit your job for that. https://www.careeronestop.org/LocalHelp/UnemploymentBenefits/unemployment-benefits.aspx