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Private duty


Specializes in critical care. Has 20 years experience.

Can someone please help. I'm an RN in NY with 20 years hospital experience. I want to do private duty meaning I want to work alone. Get my own clients, bill them and get paid independently. I'd work with their physicians but be paid by the client. I live in a wealthy area and a lot of RNs do this making $100/hr on average. There is no shortage of work. I want to know if it's legal. Any advice would be great. Thanks.


Check your BON website for private duty practice information, read articles on nurse entrepreneurs. Make a business plan and a budget include costs for marketing and Liability Insurance. Review the health records laws in your area, determine how will you chart, secure, store, retain and destroy your patient records.

Private duty can be accomplished by entering into a contract with the patient(client)/family or their insurance source. If you want government involvement (Medicaid), then you have to meet their requirements. You can find threads and posts concerning getting the necessary credentials to be paid by those sources.