Would you report this?

  1. I start my shift at the same time that another nurse's shift ends. His documentation says that he leaves at the same time that my shift starts. Yet, I do not see this person at the start of my shift, the parents are there. Would you report this?
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  3. by   kiszi
    I would document report received from parents and leave it at that.
  4. by   caliotter3
    You can report it to the employer. What is the guilty nurse going to do about it if you do? Whenever I run into this situation, I always state just exactly who I am giving report to or receiving report from in my nursing notes. I also write the time if the person comes late. Some nurses say something vague like, "Report given" and leave it at that. Well, report was given, but who did you report to? Did you report to the door as you were leaving in a hurry? Make a clear record on your part and nobody can question your actions in the matter.