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Private Duty Nursing is available for nurses who care for patients in their homes. Whether you do 4, 8, 12 hour shifts in a patient's home via an agency or if you self-contract, there are unique challenges. The unspoken rules of the household, dealing with dysfunctional families, and the environment of the home are all aspects of this job that must be dealt with by the private duty nurse.

My Backpack
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My Backpack

My backpack now sits in the corner of my room, stethoscope, thermometer, blank nurses notes for multiple agencies that my agency did cases for. Time slips....don't...

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Private Duty Nursing

Both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses work in private duty nursing. Both require an active license. It is also important to be certified in basic...

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Many Baby Nurses Aren't Nurses At All

In the burgeoning industry of private home-based baby care, 'baby nurse' is a title that refers to a trained individual who specializes in the care of infants from...

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