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  1. One day, my employer almost change his mind and plan to transfer his parent to a skilled nursing facility. I was looking for another work that time because of his plan, but I did not go through because My employer promised me a separation pay verbally if Sudden change, discontinuation of work suddenly come up without letting me know ahead of time. So I decided to continue to care with his mom at home. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep my schedule for only a week due to family members getting sick at home. I texted my employer that I will come back in a week night before I should work. He decided not to continue hiring me suddenly. Do they need to pay me the separation? Honest answers only, please no harsh reply. Thanks.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    No separation pay in extended care home health. You were probably told a "story" and should not expect anything. However, this sounds like you are doing private duty instead of working through an agency. If that is the case, whatever your written contract with the client says will prevail. Verbal promises are not to be trusted. If you have any questions regarding your employment arrangement, you should seek advice from the Labor Board or an employment attorney.