Physician Orders in PDN

  1. I recently moved to NY state. I received my RN license and work in Private Duty Nursing. I never received a copy of the Nurse Practice Acts for NY as I did before in other states.

    The problem I having is that the family I am working with has no education (or so they say) regarding nurses needing physician's order written or verbal to practice nursing in the home. It is very hard to get in touch with the MD. They are giving the agency I hard time as well.

    Additionally, they have one out-of-state MD that they receive orders for which are life-saving at times. Is this legal in NY?

    I have the parents give meds, etc., at this time because they are home. They do plan to be out of the home at times which is where I need to show them documentation that I can not change the orders for the day or week, but I have already told them they can.

    Does anyone know the legal aspects of this issue or where to get documentation from the BON. I do not see it on their website.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    From your post it appears that a nursing agency is involved. Why hasn't the nursing agency implemented a 485, Plan of Care, signed by the patient's physician as part of the intake process?