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Prioritizing Nursing Diagnosis

by *4!#6 *4!#6 (Member)

Have two physical diagnosis --

Impaired Mobility r/t pain, R-sided weakness secondary to CVA, and fatigue

also a Risk for Falls/Impaired Safety b/c patient has cognitive deficits, unstable gait, and is on anticoagulation therapy.

Which should go first?

I think that impaired mobility comes first because risk for falls is a "risk"

Circulation....given they are on Anticoaguation therapy???.. Always ABC's

Maslows Hierarchy of needs, think ABC's just like Daltontna said. Those both sound like reasonable NANDAs but try to dig a little deeper than that!

What do you mean by a little deeper? I am a new student and just confused :(

Also, the highest priority besides safety that my patient has might be pain, but I'm not sure it's labeled as acute. It was new during time of care but none of the major sign/symptoms are present. I was looking at impaired comfort but only r/t is pain, and we need at least 3 r/t. Also what do you mean by a circulation diagnosis?


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I would think impaired mobility due to circulation issues that come with impaired mobility. You have risk of a clot. Are they on any kind of anticoag. meds? Like Lovenox to prevent DVT?