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Prior Arrest and LPN License

I just passed the LPN boards in the State of IL and was waiting for my name to show up on the IDPR site. Well I get a letter stating that I was arrested in 1993 (picked up by FBI fingerprints). Until that moment, I did not remember that night. So I have a few questions:

I have submitted all of the paperwork they asked for including the court paperwork showing that the case was Stricken on Leave to Reinstate (which they did not reinstate). This is considered a Non-Conviction.

I have also submitted a personal statement explaining what happened that night.


1: Will I be able to practice in the State of IL. I will be taking the RN NCLEX next February and worried that all this school was for nothing.

2: Did I lie somewhere in all of the questioning. I believe I was only asked if I was ever convicted, had a DUI or other convictions. This was an arrest and was not a conviction.

3: I am getting this expunged but will I have to disclose the arrest when I take my RN NCLEX next year?

I am so worried and need some advice. I feel like I spent years preparing for this all for nothing.


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