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presentation for band 6 interview

mandyh1 mandyh1 (New) New

I have got a interview for band 6 job and have to do a 10 minute presentation my question is what is the role of the band 6 in delivering a quality service, and what opportunities does this present to you? Do not know where to start. Any ideas would be helpful.



TakeTwoAspirin, MSN, RN, APRN

Specializes in Peri-op/Sub-Acute ANP.

Mandy, there is a UK nursing tab. You would do better to post your question there. I think you will get a better answer than the general forum where many are unlikely to know what the band system is.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Has 32 years experience. Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

thread has been moved to the UK forum


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