Prerequisites for BSN

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I am considering switching to nursing. I have an MBA. Someone told me l can do BSN but need to do some prerequisites. What are these and which is the best college. I am in Dallas Texas



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Pre-reqs will depend on the school you're interested in. You'll have to do the leg work to check out the programs you're interested in and look on their websites / give them a call. Most likely you will have to take Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Nutrition and probably a few others.

You can check out US News for Graduate Nursing rankings:

A better place to start, if you are only looking at staying in Texas is to go to the Texas Board of Nursing Website and you should be able to find the NCLEX pass rate (although it's not the only thing you should look at, it'll give you a start).

Good luck!



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The required pre-reqs vary by school. There are basically two types of BSN programs: traditional and 2nd degree. You can find information about both types and see which fits your needs. As for recommending a good school, I would suggest looking on the board for Texas if you want to go to a TX school. Otherwise, that is a hard question to answer.

Just curious about what you are doing with your MBA? Are you not happy in your current career or do you just want to be a nurse? Good luck in either case!


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UT-Arlington has an excellent program. Many, if not all, courses are online. Check out the catalog on the website for pre-req info, or call an advisor. Remember, just because something "transfers" does not mean it will be credited towards your degree. You do not want to waste money on courses that will not work towards the degree, so get the info from the horse's mouth. GOOD LUCK