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Pregnant working for agency

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I have been working for this particular agency for about 7 months. The work they provide is all to LTC facilities. I have a coordinator that can be pretty spiteful. If you cancel she throws a fit and sometimes won't book you for days in return. I've even called out due to a ruptured cyst and she wouldn't accept my call out even with a doctors note faxed directly to her office. Any way as of now I'm 2 months pregnant with twins. All the places I get booked are too much work for me with the pregnancy fatigue and just feeling kind of crappy. I don't mean to complain but I'll usually have 30 patients (whom I'm vaguely familiar with) not to mention there are up to if not more than 5 feeding tubes, all boluses, and numerous finger sticks. Even when I'm super organized there is not enough time in the shift to do all that and treatments plus take off orders. Also these facilities are not the nicest and I've had many on one hall with AIDS, and MRSA, ugh!!! I've lost 8 lbs and come off my shifts dehydrated. When I ask for time off or try and cancel they get mad. I don't know how to handle them or make my shifts easier, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you.