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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone already completed their preceptorship already?? I am just curious about what the experience was like and how it varied from the regular med-surg clinical rotation. Looks like in 5 weeks or 15 8hour shifts I will be done!! I am so going crazy!!



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I am in the middle of my preceptorship, and i absolutely love it. I am in SICU and it is much better than regular med surg. You have much more independance than at clinicals, and you are treated in most aspects as a nurse rather than student. It helps if your preceptor is great. I am doing 8 12 hour shifts.

I will be doing my 3rd preceptor day tomorrow! My preceptor is great!! So far it is much better than clinicals was...and thank god because I was starting to lose my passion for wanting to be a nurse. I get to do everything, but she is there in case I have a question or am not sure about something. I love it...only 8 more 12 hour days to go! Good luck to you guys.

thank you for your responses! I feel better.


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