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  1. hey everyone!

    the last couple of years i've been working as a paramedic in british columbia, canada and have found that i'm better suited for nursing, i love the job but i can't stand how short the time is with the pt. i often find myself volunteering my time on my off days visiting the pts. i met from my last shifts and helping with "tiny, tiny" tasks, (getting water for a pt., adjusting pillows etc.)

    now, to my question.....
    as i've been researching schools, i've found some great ones here in bc, but i'm being tempted by sprott-shaw community college with its continous enrollment into the lpn program, so i could start sooner than i thought-bonus! but...the tuition is much more $$*ka-ching!***. some nurses have commented that the style of these nurses comming out is 'different', but will not say anymore. would i be as well trained taking the program through this institution as any other grad? (the advisor states that they meet the clpn standards and their grads work in the field). i guess i'm looking for some first hand advice/opinions on this institution.
    thanks alot, i look forward to any responses!
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